HR Training Specialist Job Profile

The HR Training Specialist is a key role in the Training and Development department. The specialist does not focus on the training administration, but he/she develops specialized training courses (internally or in the cooperation with the external training vendor). The training and development specialist has a portfolio of training courses and finds the best way for the development and training of employees in the business unit.

The training specialist is an expert in finding gaps in skills and competencies of employees and delivers the tailored training program. The specialist design programs, which fits within the available budget and sets the right qualification criteria for training participants.

The training specialist is usually a former Training Administrator and understands the training portfolio in the organization and all training related processes in the organization. The specialist can offer interesting bundles of training sessions to meet the main targets of the internal client.

Job Description of HR Training and Development Specialist

Role Summary of Training Specialist

The training and development specialist has the full responsibility over the portfolio of training programs and courses. The specialist implements new training programs, adjusts the current ones in a close cooperation with the line management.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identifies training needs and training gaps in the organization in a close cooperation with the HR Business Partners and line managers
  • Provides inputs to the Training Strategy and the development of specific training development plans
  • Optimizes the training portfolio as specialized targeted courses are offered to managers and employees
  • Prepares training manuals and training offers for employees and managers
  • Plans training courses and sessions and manages and monitors the assigned training budget
  • Manages the portfolio of contracts with external vendors and introduces changes to the Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Cooperates with the external training vendors and delivers tailored training programs and courses
  • Oversees the quality of delivered training sessions by external vendors
  • Builds the internal network of internal trainers and organizes the regular Train the Trainer sessions
  • Monitors the best practice in the training area and introduces it in the organization
  • Evaluates the quality of training courses and implements improvements
  • Cooperates with the Career Development Specialists to design programs for high potentials and future leaders

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Strong previous skills in the training administration
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Strong knowledge of training processes and procedures
  • Strong facilitation skills
  • Budgeting skills
  • Time Management skills

Career Path

The training and development specialist usually continues as the Training Manager or the Career Development Specialist.

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