Overview of Training and Development Jobs

Training Department is a talent development sub-function in Human Resources. It usually spends the biggest part of the HR budget as it pays for the external training provided by the training companies and it is mixed from the administrative training tasks and the value added training development tasks.

It is usually fully reflected in the training job profiles, where the proportion of the administrative tasks at lower levels of the organization is huge and the management of the training department is more focused on the proper budget management.

Training Career Path

The training career path is about the development of the employee from the pure administrative support to the full training development specialist. The training function employees have to understand the business and they have to have the ability to design a special training, which will develop the skills and competencies needed by the internal client.

The training function needs employees, who understand the administration and the employees, who are able to develop a new training course for the internal clients and this has to be clearly reflected in the job profiles.

The job profiles of the training jobs are about the move from the administration tasks to the tasks discovering the potential of the business and developing the main skills and competencies. The real experienced training specialist is able to find the gaps in the profiles of employees and is able to prepare the training course or the training program, which enhances the competencies of employees.

Training Job Profiles

Training Administrator Job Profile

The training administrator is the basic job position in the training department. The training administrator administers training courses, updates the training catalog of the organization and balances the volume of training provided to employees. The training administrator has a large impact on the training budget as the training administrator keeps all the training full and optimizes costs paid to the external training providers.

The training administrator job profile is about a good administrator and developing the potential in the training department. The next career step for the training administrator is the training specialist, but not all the employees are skilled enough to make such a career step.

Training Specialist Job Profile

The training specialist adjusts the existing training courses to fit the needs of the internal clients as they receive the best value from the training course. The training specialist is fully independent and manages the requests of the internal clients as the training courses are up to date and modern.

The training specialist usually works with the dedicated budget to be able to deliver the value added to the internal clients and has to have a knowledge of the business of the internal client as the training specialist can bring the innovations and ideas.

The training specialist participates on the development of the new training courses as the training specialists has a deep knowledge of the client’s needs and the client’s business. The training specialist job profile is the essential job profile in the training function as this job position usually delivers the best value added to the internal clients.

Training Development Specialist Job Profile

The training development specialist is a job profile, which is not present in all organizations. Just large organizations usually employ the training development specialist as they can have a full control over the training development process.

Not all organizations are able to utilize such a job profile fully, but it is a key job profile in the training department, when it is present. The training development specialist communicates closely with the internal client, they identify the gaps in the profiles and competencies of employees and they set the target status.

When the target status of the skills and competencies is set, the training development specialist co-operates with the internal and external training providers to develop the suited training program for the employees from the business.

The excellent training development specialist can become the training manager.

Training Manager Job Profile

The training manager is the head of the training department with the full managerial responsibility over the employees, budgets, dates and the quality of the delivery.

The training manager has to be excellent in planning the costs as the training is expensive and the plan has to cover all the main priorities of the organization. The training manager is responsible for setting the training plan of the organization, which delivers the best value and allows the organization to grow the human capital potential.

The training manager is usually the experienced Training Specialist with the managerial potential.