Overview of HR Back Office Jobs

The HR Back Office is the heart of Human Resources. It works well and it has to work well as the HR employees can focus on selling the HR Products with the value added to the internal clients.

The HR Back Office job profiles are usually about the administrative tasks, expertise in the process mapping and the process designing and managing the daily duties of the individual staff members.

HR Back Office Career Path

The HR Back Office is the function about the exact split of the duties, which are not complex in the beginning, but they can raise to the extreme complexity at the end. The career path is usually divided into two separate roles in HR Back Office – the personnel administration and the payroll accounting. Those two paths usually do not mix in the department as the duties are completely different.

The career in HR Back Office starts with the simple tasks like the data entry, providing the rest of Human Resources with the basic and predefined sets of reports and communicating with the state authorities on a defined and well managed basis.

The career usually continues with the complicated tasks, which are not generic and they need to be solved fully in the compliance with the internal rules and internal procedures and fully compliant with the external law regulations.

When the employee is really experienced and openminded, the career can continue as the HR Back Office Process Manager. The employee is focused on the process efficiency, monitoring the workload and the implementation of the improvement projects.

The HR Back Office Process Managers usually rotate to different HR units after a defined period of time as their expertise and deep knowledge of the HR issues can be used in different areas and they can enrich the processes and products with the value added for the internal customers.

HR Back Office Job Profiles

Personnel Administration Clerk Job Profile

The personnel administration clerk is fully responsible for keeping the personnel files, correct data entry for the new hires and keeping the data records for the existing employees and putting the changes to the HRIS.

The personnel administration clerk has to follow the defined processes in the HR Back Office and has to co-operate on the improvement effort in the area of the HR Back Office. The personnel administration clerk has to identify the potential to improve on a daily basis and has to agree with the team leader on their implementation.

As the personnel administration clerk is experienced, he or she can be fully responsible for a specific area of the administration, in which the clerk keeps the methodology and provides the advisory to the other clerks as the data are consistent.

Personnel Administration Team Leader Job Profile

The personnel administration team leader is a difficult job position as the team leader has to keep the workload in balance and has to provide the advice to the team member, when they deal with a difficult case to be solved.

The team leader decides about the right order of the tasks as the HR Back Office is a typical back office function with peaks and periods with a lower workload. The team leader closely monitors the workload and the data correctness as the decision about rebalancing of duties can be made to run the department operation smoothly again.

Payroll Accountant Job Profile

The payroll account cannot be divided into the junior and the senior ones as easy as the personnel administration clerks. The payroll account is usually the fully independent job position and the account is responsible for the defined set of employees, for which she or he has to process the salaries.

The payroll account depends on the sharp and exact work of the personnel administration clerks as most inputs for the salaries are provided by the personnel administration. The payroll accountant co-operates closely with the dedicated personnel administration clerk as the outputs from the payroll accounting are accurate and correct.

HR Back Office Process Manager Job Profile

The HR Back Office Process Manager is extremely important as the process manager keeps the HR Back Office in the process of the constant change and delivers the value added to the organization by the decreased costs of HR Back Office.

The HR Back Office Process Manager is focused on the process measurement, defines the right measures and participates in HR Projects, where the impact on the HR Back Office is expected.

The HR Back Office Process Manager co-operates with the vendor of the HRIS as the system is developed and customized as the organization requests it.

HR Back Office Manager Job Profile

The HR Back Office Manager is extremely important for the satisfaction of employees and managers with the work of Human Resources. The HR Back Office manager is responsible for the smooth operation of the payroll and the personnel administration.

The HR Back Office Manager monitors the external conditions and applies new rules and new procedures into the daily HR Back Office job without any delay and solves the crisis situations, which are quite common in the area.

The HR Back Office Manager splits the know how of the back office among different employees as the unit is not in a danger of leaving the key employee.