HR Specialist Job Profile

The HR Specialist is the job position, which is fully independent and is key success factor for Human Resources. The job profile of the HR Specialist is mainly about the independent management and steering of HR Processes and having the full responsibility for the design, development and improvement of HR Processes and HR Policies and Procedures.

Becoming the HR Specialist is a great career opportunity for many HR Analysts and HR Officers as they become completely independent and they can utilize their skills acquainted in the job position of the HR Analyst. Becoming the HR Specialist is a logical next career step for HR Officers and HR Analysts.

The HR Specialist enjoy the freedom of the independent decision, but they become fully responsible, when the performance of HR processes worsens. Generally, the HR Specialist is the first job position in Human Resources with the full responsibility for the results of the managed process.

HR Specialist’s Key KPIs

The HR Specialist is purely focused on the management of the HR Processes and bringing small improvements to the HR Processes, which have the positive impact on the internal customers of Human Resources. It is purely visible in KPIs of the HR Specialist, where administration KPIs are not present, but the KPIs are purely based on the HR measures and HR Benchmarks.

The HR Specialists is responsible for the measuring of the processes and they are the basis for the evaluation. The processes have to be stable and the constant improvement has to be visible from the measures. The internal client always perceive the stagnation as worsening and the improvements are extremely important for keeping the internal customers satisfied.

All HR Specialist’s KPI are about measures, improvement and introduction of new processes, which have the positive impact on Human Resources and the internal clients of Human Resources.

HR Specialist’s Main Skills and Competencies

The HR Specialist has to use the experience from the previous job position of the HR Analyst or the HR Officer. The HR Specialist have to have the deep knowledge of the area, in which he or she is responsible for the HR Processes.

The HR Specialist has to use the analytical skills to find the gaps in the HR Processes and to set up a successful solution. The HR Specialist spends quite a huge proportion of the working time by analyzing the real causes for mistakes in HR Processes and finding the right solution.

The HR Specialist has to use the knowledge of the internal clients as he or she has to communicate with them and has to be able to present the new solution the way, the internal client understands.

The HR Specialist should be able to supervise the HR Analyst and it can be used as a perfect preparation and training for the managerial job position in Human Resources or in other function in the organization.

HR Specialist’s Responsibilities

The HR Specialist is responsible for the development of Human Resources and improving the client satisfaction. The HR Specialist is a key function for the implementation of the HR Strategy and the goals derived from the HR Strategy are always a part of the yearly goals given to the HR Specialist.

The HR Specialist is always responsible for writing and updating the HR Policies and HR Procedures as they are fully compliant with the real practice in Human Resources, are compliant with the external and internal regulation and are easy-to-use HR Policies for the internal clients.

As the HR Specialist becomes experienced in the HR Process Management and has an excellent track of results, he or she can focus on the HR Project Management. It is the next logical step as the HR Project Manager is partly responsible for the people management in the HR Team and the HR Specialist can use the knowledge in the next job position, which is HR Manager.

HR Specialist’s Development Opportunities

The HR Specialist is in a difficult position. The organization usually does not offer a more specialized job position in Human Resources. The organizations usually hire the real HR experts from the external consulting companies and the HR Specialist should know, his or her career can continue externally.

The organization usually offers the career path to become the HR Manager, when the HR Specialist demonstrates the competencies in the people management area.