HR Consultant Job Profile

The HR Consultant is a junior HR Business Partner, who does not focus on the strategic agenda of the internal client, but the consultant manages the daily operational tasks with the line managers and employees. The HR Consultant is a direct report of the HR Business Partner and cooperates on complex and difficult HR Projects.

The HR Consultant is heavily involved in the recruitment process and helps to line managers to choose the best fit of several job applicants. The consultant does not focus on the top strategic agenda, but designs the unified solutions for the daily operational life of the business unit.

The HR Consultant cooperates closely with the business partner as HR practices are fully implemented in the business unit. The business partner gets the buy-in of the top management and the consultant deals with line managers on daily basis to make the implementation smooth.

The role of the HR Consultant is extremely difficult as the middle management and the line management forms the opinion of the business leader. The excellent consultant makes the life of the HR Business Partner and the HR Management team much easier.

HR Personal Consultant Job Description

Role Summary

The HR Consultant is a partner for the middle and line management in the business unit, focused mainly on the operational tasks and the daily agenda of managers and Human Resources.

The HR Consultant cooperates closely with the HR Business Partner as the strategic agenda of HR and the business unit leadership is fully understood and implemented.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manages complex HR agenda with the line managers in the business unit
  • Coaches managers in dealing with employees in difficult situations
  • Recruits employees in the business unit
  • Identifies key talents in the business unit and prepares the individual development plans for key talents
  • Handles difficult situations in the business unit and trains managers in the employee relations
  • Oversees HR administration in the business unit and solves difficult situations
  • Implements the HR Strategy in close cooperation with line managers and the HR Business Partner
  • Supports managers in new employee induction and terminations of departing employees
  • Speaks regularly with top talents and identifies new job opportunities for them
  • Engages in different people management projects in the business unit
  • Develops line managers in their leadership and management skills
  • Provides the instant feedback to line managers about their people management practices

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • HR Practices Skills
  • HR Procedures Knowledge
  • Difficult situation solving Skills

Career Path

The HR Consultant is a junior HR Business Partner and most consultants get promoted to the business partner role. They can change their career path and they can become the junior specialist in any HR Center of Excellence.