Recruitment and Staffing

The recruitment and selection (also recruitment and staffing) belongs to value added HR Processes. The recruitment is about the ability of the organization to source new employees, keep the organization operating and improving the quality of the human capital employed in the company. The quality of the recruitment process is the main driver for the satisfaction of managers with the services provided by Human Resources.

The main goal of the recruitment and selection is about finding the best recruitment sources, hiring the best talents from the job market and keeping the organization competitive on the job market. The recruitment and selection process is about managing high volumes of job resumes and the ability to choose the right candidates and pushing them quickly through the organization. For more information see Recruitment Goals and Objectives.

The recruitment process usually needs a strong support by the dedicated recruitment software solution. It can be provided externally, or the software can be run internally. Many vendors provide the recruitment software solution, but the organization has to choose carefully the right solution to meet its needs.

The recruitment process needs a complete process description. It is not possible to solve the job candidates individually. HR Recruiters have to follow the process, and they have to keep the candidates flowing to right managers to achieve the consensus, and decision about the hire quickly.

Key Areas and Processes in Recruitment and Selection
Key Areas and Processes in Recruitment and Selection

The described process helps to set and achieve the right limits. The performance of the recruitment process has to be measured, analyzed, and new, innovative recruitment solutions have to be implemented.

The recruitment is the expensive HR Process, and it eats a large proportion of the HR budget. The recruitment is about time to hire and the cost of hiring in most organizations. The HR is responsible for the proper management of the process to improve the performance of the recruitment process to keep the managers satisfied. Find out details about the job of HR Recruiter Job Profile.

The competitive HR management always starts with the competitive recruitment process. The organization builds the competitive advantage with its employees. The recruitment process has to determine the best sources on the job market.

The HR Recruiters have to utilize the recruitment sources and managers have to make the right and quick hiring decisions. This is the basic set-up of the competitive recruitment process.

Main Recruitment and Staffing Areas


  • Recruitment Process Description
  • Internal Recruitment
  • External Recruitment
  • Recruitment Sources Management
  • Recruitment Agencies Management
  • Recruitment Outsourcing
  • Recruitment Software


  • General Staffing Rules and Principles
  • Job Design and Job Descriptions
  • Organizational Design and Organizational Planning
  • Headcount Planning and Headcount Management
  • Job Vacancies Management
  • Talent Gap Analysis