HR Organization

How is Human Resources organized and how it delivers its strategic priorities depends mainly on HR Strategy and HR Model. The organizational structure, jobs in Human Resources and common goals and objectives reflect what the function wants to achieve.

There is no one generic recipe how to set up the function that it delivers optimum performance. However, there are guidelines how to avoid major pitfals when setting a new HR organizational structure.

Based on many researches and following best practices, most HR functions implement a full business partnering model. The business oriented HR Business Partner has become a key role in the department. She manages the relationship between HR specialists and other business functions. She spends most of time with clients, recognizes their needs and helps them to improve their people management skills and capabilities.

HR Organization: Link to HR Strategy, HR Model and HR Processes
HR Organization: Link to HR Strategy, HR Model and HR Processes

This sections answers the following questions:

  • How is Human Resources organized?
  • What are key jobs in Human Resources?
  • What are the most general goals and objectives?
  • What is the most common Human Resources organizational structure?

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HR Goals and Objectives

HR Organizational Structure

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