Recruitment Manager Job Description

The recruitment manager usually does not interview job applicants. This role interviews candidates applying for strategic or top level job vacancies. Primarily, the manager has no directly assigned to any job vacancies. They manage and lead the recruitment process and the overall utilization of HR Recruiters to achieve required level of service to internal customers. Additionally, the manager is fully responsible for the development of the recruitment process and the implementation of recruitment innovations. The manager solves all issue evolving during hiring job vacancies and takes all managerial decisions.

The recruitment manager dedicates most of the working time to the development of the recruitment process. The manager has to meet with internal clients on the regular basis as the potential gaps are identified and researched. The manager provides the regular feedback to HR Recruiters and internal clients.

The recruitment manager is responsible for the full utilization of the social media recruitment and the entire social media communication of Human Resources. The manager should decide about the targeted niches and the content of the social media messages. The proactive social media usage should be one of the most important KPIs.

Recruitment Manager Job Description Summary

Recruitment Manager Role and Key Objectives

The recruitment manager is responsible for the recruitment process and implementing Recruitment Strategy. The process has to be properly designed and implemented. The manager sets recruitment measurement and distributes the job vacancies across HR Recruiters. The manager builds a healthy relationship with internal customers and external recruitment vendors.

The recruitment manager is responsible for the development of the recruitment team in Human Resources, develops successors and increases the value added by the team members.

Key Responsibilities of Recruitment Manager

  • Designs, develops and maintain the recruitment process in the organization (including its description, recruitment measurement definitions, regular measurement reporting, taking proper actions to close gaps)
  • Designs the selection matrix for choosing the optimum recruitment channel and recruitment source
  • Explores the market best practices in the recruitment and staffing and implement appropriate best practices in the organization
  • Builds a quality relationship with the internal customers and external recruitment agencies
  • Monitors and constantly reduces the costs of the recruitment process
  • Sets the social media communication strategy for different job profiles and functions in the organization
  • Conducts job interviews for the managerial job positions (or key jobs in the organization)
  • Monitors the labor legislation and implements required changes to keep the process compliant
  • Manages and develops the team of HR Recruiters
  • Acts as a single point of contact for managers regarding recruitment topics
  • Designs training recruitment for HR Recruiters and line managers

Key Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Job Interviewing Skills
  • Managerial and leadership skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Social Media Knowledge
  • Training Skills

Career Path

The recruitment manager can be promoted into the general HR Management job position or can specialize in a different HR area as the experienced specialist.