Career Development Specialist Job Profile

The Career Development is a function of Human Resources, which does focus on growing the high potentials and future leaders for the organization. It does not organize training sessions, but it prepares tailored programs for different groups of key/high potential employees. The Career Development Specialist runs assessment centers, development centers, special leadership programs and the individual development programs.

The career development department is a strategic area of HR and builds the sustainable competitive advantage. The employees of the Career Development are the highly recognized professionals and they communicate directly with the top management of the organization. The specialists in the Career Development do focus on the best and most valuable employees of the organization. They design and run programs protecting the key know how and key potential leaders of the organization.

The career development specialist is usually the former Training Specialist, who understands the organization and is skilled in the training area and the assessment of employees. The Career Development usually offers no entry level job positions and uses the services provided by other Centers of Excellence.

Job Description of the Career Development Specialist

Role Summary

The career development specialist designs the development and assessment centers, runs specialized programs for the key and high potential employees. The specialist identifies and confirms the talents across the entire organization and finds suitable challenges and opportunities for the high potential employees.

Key Responsibilities of the Career Development Specialist

  • Designs the methodology for the assessment and development centers
  • Develops specialized program for talents and key employees
  • Designs and implement leadership programs for high potential employees
  • Runs the nomination process for different leadership programs
  • Runs assessment centers for the selection of high potential employees
  • Runs development centers as the development tool for high potential employees
  • Discuss career opportunities with high potentials on the regular basis
  • Proposes high potentials to newly created challenging job vacancies
  • Runs the system of rotations in the organization
  • Designs the mentoring and coaching methodology
  • Obtains the regular feedback from program participants, mentors and coaches
  • Builds the network of internal and external coaches and mentors
  • Designs the leadership programs for young talented university graduates
  • Recruits young graduates with the high potential
  • Cooperates with the external vendors and designs tailor made programs for the development of high potentials
  • Cooperates with the HR Business Partners and top managers

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Strong Negotiation Skills
  • Strong Influencing Skills
  • Strong Facilitation Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Time Management
  • Management Skills

Career Path

The Career and Development Specialist is a highly specialized and experienced HR Professional. The specialist usually advances the career path as the Career Development Manager or the senior HR Business Partner.