Role of HR Business Partner in Business

The HR Business Partner’s role in the organization is not easy as it is mainly about building the fair relationship with the internal customers, top managers and other key stakeholders as Human Resources can reach its goals and the organizational efficiency is fully reached. The HR Business Partner is not a partner for a nice coffee-break, but HR Business Partner shares the responsibility with the internal client for reaching the set goals.

The role of the HR Business Partner is about the shared responsibility for the overall results of the internal client in all areas. On the other hand, the internal client shares the responsibility for achieving the HR Goals as well and they should not forget about it. When the internal clients wants Human Resources to share his or her goals, he or she has to accept the HR goals as a part of the managerial goals in his or her area.

The role of the HR Business Partner is about balancing the interests of Human Resources and the internal client. Many times Human Resources represents the interests of other stakeholders in the organization and the role of Human Resources is also in protecting the interests of shareholders. The role of HR Business Partner is in balancing the short term goals and the long term stability in common co-operation with the internal customer.

The role of the HR Business Partner is in building the independent HR opinion about the situation in the internal client’s area and providing the advices to the management team how to improve the situation, which can influence the productivity positively. The HR Business Partner is responsible for monitoring the employees and managers and how they feel in the organization.

The HR Business Partner has to challenge the internal client. The managers tend to hide the issues in the people management area and the role of the HR Business Partner is in discovering the hidden agenda and challenging the leader of the unit to run the HR Initiatives to improve the people management skills and competencies as it can affect the employee satisfaction. The role of the HR Business Partner is about discovering the HR Best Practice in the organization and providing the platform to exchange the HR Best Practice approaches across the organization and from the external market.

The HR Business Partner has to find the way, how to report the status of the managed area. The internal client should receive regular HR Reports and the HR Business Partner’s role is in finding the proper interpretation and finding the areas of the HR excellence and the areas for the improvement with the biggest impact on the employee satisfaction and employee’s productivity.

The role of the HR Business Partner is in provoking the discussions about the employees in the managed area and how to protect their skills and competencies for the organization and how to develop the human capital in the organization as it stays fully competitive on the market. Not just the general market, but the job market has to be also included in the discussions.

The role of the HR Business Partner is in leading the HR Projects, which are focused on solving the issues at the client’s side and bringing the improvement. It is not easy as the internal client has to deliver the needed resources and has to approve the project results and the HR Projects are usually shared between the internal client and Human Resources.