Privacy Policy

I take my privacy seriously. And I consider your privacy just as important. Just as I know that the most important information about privacy needs to be right up front. I do not collect your personal information and am in no way able to track individual users. That is my main commitment about your privacy.

I do not use any cookies and do not store any data in the database. Everything is pure HTML and Javascript. I know from the measurements that someone was here, but I don’t know exactly who it was. My commitment to privacy is that my approach will not change in the future.

The HRM Handbook does not run on any Content Management System (CMS like Wordpress or Joomla), it is a set of pure HTML pages. In the past I used AMP technology for mobile sites, but I don’t use it anymore. Pure HTML pages are completely secure and use no cookies and do not download any private data from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. I don’t care where you view the site from. I do, however, care where you came from and I track that.

I don’t collect your email addresses, I don’t use any call-to-action plugins, and I don’t try to aggressively market any services. It’s my leisure project, it’s not my main source of income. So I have no interest in collecting data I don’t need. I wouldn’t even know what to do with it properly anyway.

I use Cloudflare Pages hosting, which provides excellent service and suits me perfectly. The basic services are completely free and the whole thing is very reliable.

HRM Handbook Privacy Policy
HRM Handbook Privacy Policy

For web development I use Hugo CMS, which translates pages written in Markdown into pure HTML, which is then uploaded to Cloudflare Pages. If you’re thinking of having your own informative website, I can only highly recommend the combination of Cloudflare and Hugo CMS.

It has its limitations, but for a personal blog or website, it’s quite sufficient. (Plus, you’ll learn to understand how Git and other technologies work quite well, which even a Human Resources person might find useful someday.

I use Google Analytics to measure traffic. I know there is a lot of discussion around the problems with Google Analytics setup these days, but I don’t collect any detailed information. Yes, Google Analytics uses cookies and it is possible that I will switch to another solution in the future if Google does not respond to the latest court ruling in the European Union. I personally only see aggregated data and am unable to distinguish individual visitors.

I use Google Adsense to get some ad revenue. I don’t use any retargeting and other complicated settings. Google Adsense is the only site that stores cookies, but it is set up to respect my visitors’ privacy. So far, I don’t know of another provider that is as simple and can provide the same convenience as Google Adsense.

For SEO analysis, I only use Google Search Console to see what people are searching for and how successful I am. As an extension, I use my own tool, which you can read about at Web Project Story. Again, I don’t collect any personal data.

In conclusion, with this website, it’s like buying a book. I know you bought, I know where you bought, how much you paid, but I don’t know who you are. And that’s the way it’s going to be in the future.