HR Business Partner Job Profile

The HR Business Partner (HRBP) is the key role of the modern HR Management. The business partner is fully dedicated to internal clients, their needs and their duties. The partner helps to develop and implement better people management practices. The business partner shares the responsibility for the goals and target delivery. The modern HR Model cannot exist without the role dedicated fully to internal clients as managers and employees.

The business partner is an experienced HR professional, who has a broad experience in various HR areas of expertise. The partner builds a valuable relationship with internal clients and transfers requests and solutions to/from the business unit. The value added of the business partner is in deep knowledge of the internal clients, key employees and business processes.

Job Description of HR Business Partner

HR Business Partner Role Summary

The business partner leads and manages the people management related agenda at the internal client. The partner leads the change management projects and manages the HR related internal and external communication. The business partner does not act as the HR Consultant; the partner shares the responsibility for the goals and targets delivery.

The business partner identifies and prepares development plans for the key employees and high potential employees. The partner identifies employees ready for the promotion and rotates best talents across different functions in the organization.

The business partner is a member of the management team of the internal client. The partner actively supports discussions and transfers best practices from different functions in the organization. The partner takes over the leadership in the people management area and acts as the facilitator for the management team.

Main Responsibilities of HR Business Partner

  • Acts as a single point of the contact for the employees and managers in the business unit
  • Proactively supports the delivery of HR Processes at the client’s side
  • Manages complex and difficult HR Projects cross-functionally
  • Builds a strong business relationship with the internal client
  • Actively identifies gaps, proposes and implement changes necessary to cover risks
  • Recruits personally the key talents for the internal client
  • Facilitates the management team to bring best solutions for employees
  • Acts as the performance improvement driver and provokes positive changes in the people management
  • Designs and maintain organization vitality charts as the performance of the business unit improves
  • Designs succession plans for key talents and key job positions
  • Challenges the organizational structure of the internal client and proposes changes
  • Acts as the member of the HR Management Team
  • Develops HR team members as they can become HR Business Partners
  • Manages and leads a team of HR Consultants

Key Required Skills

  • Previous experience in Human Resources Management
  • Team Player
  • Communication Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Project Management and Change Management Skills
  • Strong Business Acumen
  • Strong Time Management and Priorities Management Skills
  • Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
  • Labor Law Knowledge Skills

Career Path

The HRBP is the top job position in Human Resources. The HRBP can focus on the people management and can become the HR Director or can manage the complex HR area like Compensation and Benefits or Leadership Development.