Career in Human Resources

Smart Human Resources has to offer the career opportunities as it keeps know how inside the organization and fully utilizes the potential of the HR employees. As the employees work for Human Resources, they receive skills and enhance their competencies and Human Resources has to build a strong career system to utilize the increased potential of employees.

The career path is extremely important for the effective Human Resources Management. The HR Career Path offers to employees the vision of the career promotion and the career can be successfully prolonged in the organization. The employees in HR are the experts in the people management and Human Resources Management should prepare the same opportunity for the HR employees as for the rest of the organization.

College or University Graduate HR Program

The organizations develop special programs for the young fresh university graduates, who want to build a strong career path. The program offers the accelerated career for the talented graduates, who are willing to learn fast and are extremely hard working. The graduate programs are developed usually for Sales, Operations, Finance. But Human Resources has to develop the program for HR as well as it keeps the best HR talents inside the organization.

HR Graduate Programs Goals

The modern HR organization builds the competitive advantage for the company, helps to attract the best job candidates and designs and develops the best HR programs for employees as the organization is visible on the job market. The HR Function needs excellent HR employees to bring the real value added and the HR Graduate Programs helps to bring the top talents into Human Resources.

Human Resources has to deliver the innovative solutions as the organization has to compete for the best talents on the job market. The war for talents does not stop and the employees are the only competitive advantage for many organization. When the organization delivers sophisticated products and services, then it needs to have innovative Human Resources Management.

The HR Graduate Program has usually several goals:

  • Bring new talents to Human Resources
  • Speed up strategic HR Projects
  • Build HR competitive advantage
  • Develop management successor
  • Send HR Managers to other units

The HR Graduate Program is attractive for the young university graduates as it provides an excellent mix of learning new things, visibility in the organization and the potential for a quick career in Human Resources. The HR Graduate Program usually offers the managerial job position for the successful graduate from the program, which attracts the most interesting graduates on the market. The best university graduates are worried to enter Human Resources as they expect, the career is too slow in Human Resources. The HR Graduate Program can offer a solution to the best participants.

Human Resources faces many challenges and it has to build the competitive advantage for the organization. The HR Function has to conduct many HR Projects to build the competitive advantage and it is a good career opportunity for the participants of the HR Graduate Program. The strategic HR Projects should be run by the ambitious and young employees, who have the will to bring a huge change to the organization. The HR Graduate Program is the best options for the strategic HR Projects. The strategic HR Project have to be a part of the HR Graduate Program as the project can be easily evaluated.

The modern organization are pushed to build a competitive advantage in the area of Human Resources. The young university graduates have the courage to bring the innovative ideas and they have no fear to communicate with the top management to get their buy-in. The top managers usually love young potentials and they agree with the revolutionary proposals as they feel, the young potentials can bring the solution, which definitely develops the competitive advantage. It is a good goal for the HR Graduate Program to bring the proposal to build the competitive advantage.

The HR Graduate Program helps to build the HR management successors. The young graduates are ambitious and they want to be reach the managerial job position as soon as possible. The organization should focus on selecting the best talents, who are also talented in the managerial skills as they can be promoted to the managerial job position as soon as possible. The successors are not a danger for the current managers as the modern organization has to design the managed rotations program. The talented young graduates are the excellent source of the successors and it should be definitely one of the goals of the HR Graduate Program.

The Graduates can be send to different units in the organization and they can build their own career network, which is useful for the next career steps as the people are interconnected and they can co-operate on reaching the strategic goals of the organization. The HR Graduate Programs should include the rotations outside Human Resources and they return with the useful business and personal contacts. Additionally, they are recognized by the top management. It is one of the goals of the HR Graduate Program – to spread the name of HR among the organization.

The Ideal HR Graduate Program Structure

The HR Graduate Program is expensive and it has to push the participant to their limits as it is successful. The HR Managers can recognize the potential of the participant just in case, they are under the pressure and they have to reach the goals, which are achievable at a high effort. The investment to the HR Graduate Program has to effective and the results must be delivered.

The HR Graduate Program has to start with the short introduction for the participants as they can accommodate in the organization and they can recognize the basic business and HR principles of the organization. The introduction and the new hire orientation has to be strictly limited as Human Resources needs the participant to perform as quickly as possible. The orientation should be about the goals of the HR Graduate Program, its composition, meeting with the most important contacts in the organization and assigning the HR Mentor and the Business Mentor. The HR Graduate Program is not just about Human Resources, it is cross-border program and the mentor from the business is extremely important.

The next phase of the HR Graduate Program should be about the short-term internal HR Project. This project should help the participant of the program to identify the main HR Processes, to build the relationship with other team members and they should receive the basic information about the structure of Human Resources, the decision making process in Human Resources and it should generally build the layer, the participants can use as the basis for their internal development. During this phase, the participants of the program should discover the basic principles in the corporate culture and they should be able to become the real members of the HR team.

The next stage in the HR Graduate Program is the rotation through the business function, where the participants have a chance to recognize the business of the organization. They can go deeply into the corporate culture and they can build their innovative view on Human Resources. They should work on the project, which is fully dedicated to the business function, but which will bring benefits for Human Resources. The project has to be strictly limited in the time to complete and the results have to be evaluated by the head of the business function and HR Director. This stage should be the decision moment for the participants about their return to Human Resources function. Some participants can decide, they do not want to continue in the HR Career and they can switch their career to the pure business function management.

The next stage is about management of processes in Human Resources. The participant has to be responsible for the management of several HR Processes and to implement the ideas to improve the processes. This stage is extremely important as it discovers the attention to details and it discovers the negotiation and communication skills. The participant has to co-operate with HR employees and he or she has to make them believe in advantages of the change. It is good basis for the change management. As the progress is successful, the participant of the HR Graduate Program can become responsible for several employees with the full people management responsibility.

The international rotation is the next stage, but this is fully optional. The international rotation is the excellent opportunity to recognize the different cultural approaches to the same issues, even in the same organization. The national culture is always stronger than the corporate culture and this is extremely important to learn, when the HR Graduate Program is expected to work on the international level. The participant should receive the HR Project in the country, he or she does not know as it is a great learning opportunity and it is an excellent challenge.

Finally, the participants should go through the Development Center to identify their strengths and weaknesses as they fully understand their potential for the organization. And when successful, they should be promoted to the regular HR job position and their skills and competencies have to be utilized at max.

Ideal Applicant for HR Graduate Program

The HR Graduate Program is the program to bring new talents to Human Resources, who have the potential to become the HR Leader in several years. The Graduate Program is not cheap and it has to be purely focused on building the HR organization of the future, not fixing the current HR issues.

The HR Graduate Program has to find the best talents and quickly develop them as the organization receives the benefits from hiring the best graduates available on the job market. They are not cheap and they have to be challenged almost daily as they perform at 100% every day.

The organization cannot afford to hire almost everyone and it has to invest time to finding the best candidates for the HR Graduate Program. The HR Management can have no doubts about the winning candidate as HR Graduate Program does not offer many vacancies and the Program does not have to be started each year.

The HR Management has to prepare a clear profile of the best candidate for the HR Graduate Program. The HR Management has to design the right selection procedure to identify and hire the best candidate, who represents the future of Human Resources in the organization.

It is always difficult to identify the best candidate for the HR Graduate Program, but the HR Management should agree on the common vision and the common personality profile as it will make the search process easier.

Ideal HR Graduate Program Participant Profile

The ideal candidate for the HR Graduate Program has to be the unique personality, which is pretty rare, but the program is not for everyone. Just few selected people should be able to finish the program successfully.

The ideal graduate for the program is the ambitious person, who knows the strengths and weaknesses and has the ability to sell the solutions to the audience. The future leader of Human Resources has to sell the difficult solutions and has to be able to find the key stakeholders quickly. The young graduate cannot expect the help from other HR employees and has to be able to face difficult situations on his or her own.

The successful graduate program participant has to be the honest personality, who can recognize and analyze the partner quickly. The HR leader has no many chance to sell the proposed solution and he or she has to be the salesman personality. But a clever salesman as the solution is not easy.

The participant has to be a quick learner as the missions and projects can be extremely short and the stakeholders can expect a successful solution pretty quickly. The participant has to be able to analyze many documents, to find the main issues quickly and has to be able to bring back the proposal as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the successful candidate will work in Human Resources and has to be of a nice personality. The employees have to trust the participant and they have to be willing to co-operate with such a person.