HR Management Best Reads 06/2019

Another selection of excellent HR Management articles is here. Being the HR Professional, you can always inspire yourself by reading best practices. Your job has no boundaries, and you can be bold to implement innovations to your daily work-related tasks. Each HR Leader needs to push the HR team to look for external best practices … Read more HR Management Best Reads 06/2019

Evolution of Human Resources

HR Infographics / Evolution

Human Resources has not always been the bright and shining spot in the organization (also can happen today). In the past, it was the administrative unit, that was not contributing to any strategic decisions. It was fulfilling orders, and protecting the business against any employment law vulnerabilities. Even today, many people in organizations do not … Read more Evolution of Human Resources

A selection of Must-Read HR Management Articles 04/2019

Best HRM Reads 04/2019

Wow, another week is over. Here is another collection of the best HR articles I have found during the last seven days. It is my fourth article. It means that the next one will be a little anniversary. Also, it will be published in February (I kept my new year resolution to last). This time, … Read more A selection of Must-Read HR Management Articles 04/2019