Black Swan Events in Human Resources

A black swan is an event that comes as a surprise; nobody expects it, and it changes the environment surrounding us. It disrupts businesses, organization, and significantly shifts our values. It touches everything – people, organizations, companies, and governments. Even Human Resources Functions are usually hit hard by the unexpected Black Swan events. In modern … Read more

Best HR Management Articles 007

Time flies. After a year, a new selection of the best HR Management articles comes. I know I am lazy, but I had other projects to work on. However, I am back, and my HRM Handbook will continue to grow slowly again. We are going through difficult times. In January, nobody expected this year to … Read more

Great tips on how to engage your employees

Employee Engagement is one of the most critical Human Resources responsibilities. Most leaders spend time talking about employee engagement with other top executives. They recognize the high value of a motivated and determined workforce. Companies with a high level of employee satisfaction and engagement are more productive than other competitors in the same industry. They … Read more

HR Management Best Reads 06/2019

Another selection of excellent HR Management articles is here. Being the HR Professional, you can always inspire yourself by reading best practices. Your job has no boundaries, and you can be bold to implement innovations to your daily work-related tasks. Each HR Leader needs to push the HR team to look for external best practices … Read more

HR Management Best Reads 05/2019

After a long time, my weekly selection of the best and recent HR Management articles is back. Sure, I have broken many of my promises to write at least two articles or pages per week. On the other hand, it is time to bounce back. Here I am with the first short selection of HR … Read more

My HR Project Development: January 2019

My HR Project consists of 36 monthly ticks with no exact plans for each one. Yup, I have my three-year plan to design and develop an exceptional Human Resources Management website. Time flies and the first tick is over; luckily other 35 ticks are still in the queue. Most projects are about a long period … Read more

Evolution of Human Resources

HR Infographics / Evolution

Human Resources has not always been the bright and shining spot in the organization (also can happen today). In the past, it was the administrative unit, that was not contributing to any strategic decisions. It was fulfilling orders, and protecting the business against any employment law vulnerabilities. Even today, many people in organizations do not … Read more

A selection of Must-Read HR Management Articles 03/2019

HR Management Articles

Hooray, this is the third edition of my choice of most appealing HR articles published last week. Sure, they are appealing to me, but they usually help me to realize that there are specific components I should think of at work. As people are returning from their winter vacations, the number of published articles starts … Read more

A selection of Must-Read HR Management Articles 01/2019

HRM Best Articles

Welcome to my first blog post with the choice of HR management articles worth reading. I do not have a highly elaborated plan in place. In reality, it is straightforward and simple. I will post every weekend the selection of up to five articles that I find interesting. So far I suppose that Saturday will … Read more