The Most Common HR Business Partnering Model

The HR Business Partner Model has several benefits for the large organization, but the HR Department has to provide the clients with a clear model, which demonstrates the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources, the links between the business units and Human Resources and the communication channels to be used.

Human Resources has to clearly design, develop and communicate the HR Business Partner model as it changes the way Human Resources operates in the organization. The managers and employees are usually not interested in the beginning, but they raise their interest and attention, when they see changes in the real life.

The introduction of the HR Business Partner model has to bring clear benefits for the organization and it has to have the impact on the organizational efficiency, people management skills and the shorter response time from HR employees. It is difficult to calculate the financial benefits, but the benefits from the model can be seen in the increasing employee satisfaction and increasing the employee productivity.

HR Managers have to describe the stakeholders of the HR Business Partner Model as they can provide the stakeholders with the explanation, how the co-operation with Human Resources will change for them. The key stakeholders have to be navigated by the special HR employees and they should always have just a single point of contact in Human Resources as they do not have to investigate more than needed.

The HR Business Partner model is about rebalancing the HR Processes between Human Resources and managers. The managers are coached and mentored to become the real people managers and Human Resources does not act as the people manager for them anymore. It hurts many managers, but they have to understand, it is the only way to improve the organizational efficiency.

The HR Business Partner model brings many benefits for managers, but these benefits are usually realized in long term, in short term it asks more work with employees from them, but it is really good for the managers as they get in closer touch with their employees and they are coached by Human Resources continuously. The employees will feel, the managers are more interested in their issues and they are pushed to co-operate by their managers. The HR Business Partner model changes the relationship between the managers and employees.

The HR Business Partner model also changes Human Resources internally. The HR Processes changes their importance as the processes focused on the internal clients get a higher priority. The HR Management team has to be careful in the communication as the importance of the individual employees changes as well. The HR has to work consistently on keeping the quality of the supporting processing and developing the processes with the value added.