Overview of Career Development Jobs

The career development is the unit in Human Resources, which is focused purely on the future of the organization. The compensation and benefits is about the financial security of the organization right now, the career development is about the future leaders and the future excellent managers.

The career development unit develops the programs like the specific Leadership Development Programs, Senior Management Training Programs, Mentoring and Coaching programs. The career development unit does not take care about many employees, it works with the selected employees of the organization, but they have a large impact on the overall success of the organization and they are extremely visible in the organization as the top management usually knows the employees personally.

Career Development Career Path

The career development is not the unit suitable for the fresh university graduate, who wants to begin working in HR. The employees in Career Development have to be mature and experienced enough as their advices to the clients are valuable and respected.

The job profiles of employees in Career Development are about the good presentation, communication and negotiation skills as they have to speak to the top management of the organization on a daily basis (almost).

The career development does not offer a long career path as the employees in the career development department are usually the real HR experts. Their salaries are excellent and they bring the results, which are measured long-term.

Career Development Job Profiles

Career Development Specialist Job Profile

The career development specialist usually develops the custom made programs for the individual members of the management and the general programs for the talents groups in the organization.

Each organization forms different groups of talents, which are developed to be the future managers and leaders of the organization. The career development specialist has a freedom to develop the program on his or her own and the top management approves the program and allocates the budget for the activity.

The career development specialist prepares the programs for the talent advisors, who communicate with the internal customers and the career development clients.

Talent Advisor Job Profile

The talent advisor is the key success factor in the career development department. The talent advisor speaks with the internal clients, discuss the career opportunities and follows the approved career steps.

The talent advisor needs to understand to the art-of-diplomacy as some career interviews are tough and the talent advisor has to be well prepared for them.

The talent advisor has a group of talents in the organization and the talent advisor is responsible for having the regular interviews for them, helping to select the right development activity and following the agreed plan with the talent. Everything is done on the personal basis.

The talent advisor has to be a strong personality and the job profile of the talent advisor includes providing the honest feedback. The talents are usually extremely confident human beings and the talent advisor has to be a strong opposite to them. As the pressure develops.

Career Development Manager Job Profile

Being the career development manager is extremely difficult as the subordinates are the expert in the employee development area and they expect, the manager of them is even better.

The manager of the career development is more about the development role, then just managing the tasks. The career development manager has to overlook the development of the subordinates and making the necessary managerial checks on the progress.

The manager of the career development unit has to be a good partner to the discussions as the daily management in the career development is done through the regular discussions, when the team selects the best option and inspires each member in their discussions with their talents.

The job profile of the career development is a bit specific as the manager of the team is not the real manager, he or she acts as the source of inspiration for the career development specialists and talent advisors.