Career Development Manager Job Profile

The Career Development Manager leads the most strategic function of HR. The C&B Manager leads the cost management function of HR and the CD Manager leads the function focused on the future of the organization. The Career Development grows the future leaders and brings retention programs for the specific and key groups of employees.

The Career Development runs specific programs for the leadership development of managers, programs for talented employees and programs for the young university graduates. The CD Department cooperates directly with the top management. The top management is the primary client of the Career Development. The CD manager has a huge exposure in the organization.

The career development manager influences top executives and key line managers. The CD Manager is involved in strategic initiatives and projects. The successful CD manager builds the sustainable competitive advantage for the organization. The manager explores ideas of the top management and provides right programs for specific group of employees. The manager influence the top managers as they include the development of the key employees as the part of the goal setting procedure.

Job Description of the Career Development Manager

Role Summary

The Career Development Manager designs, implements and promotes the career development programs for specific groups of employees. The CD Manager supports HR Business Partners in finding the best internal talents and incorporates them into different talent pools.

The CD Manager positively motivates the top managers and helps them grow the next generation of leaders for the organization.

Key Responsibilities

  • Designs, develops and leads the implementation of the career development strategy
  • Connects the career development strategy with the business strategy and HR Strategy
  • Sets the basic schedule of career development activities during the year
  • Leads and manages the development of different development programs for specific groups of employees and talents
  • Regularly assess the results of development programs
  • Promotes development programs in the organization
  • Leads the design of different assessment tools
  • Sets the methodology for the assessment and development centers
  • Builds the functioning relationship with the top managers
  • Promotes career development programs and actively supports all assessment centers
  • Leads, manages and develops the team of Career Development Specialists
  • Leads strategic organization wide projects focused on the development of high potentials and young leaders
  • Acts as the influencing member of the HR Management Team

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Excellent Negotiation Skills
  • Excellent Influencing Skills
  • Excellent Facilitation Skills
  • Strong Analytical skills
  • Time Management
  • Excellent Management Skills

Career Path

The Career Development Manager is a highly skilled and experienced HR professional with the unique role in the organization. The CD manager usually tends to become the Chief Human Resources Officer due the deep knowledge of the organization and internal processes. The CD Manager does not continue as the HR Business Partner as this role does not meet all requirements of the employee.