Overview of Recruitment Job Profiles

The recruitment and staffing is the real factory in Human Resources. They work on the basis of the requests of the managers and it is the area of Human Resources, which needs a clear recruitment process description and clear recruitment job profiles as the employees work smoothly and the key goals of the recruitment and staffing are delivered. The best suitable job candidate delivered quickly and cheaply.

The recruitment job profiles are about a clear definition of the work the with the job applicants as the recruitment factory can fill the job vacancies quickly and within a defined optimum time. The recruitment job profiles are focused mainly on the competencies in the area of the job applicants interviewing and discovering the match between the job profile and the job applicant.

The recruitment career path

The recruitment job profiles have to be set to allow the career path built in the recruitment factory as the HR Recruiters do not tend to change the employer. Many new entrants to Human Resources start their career in the recruitment area and the HR Department has to put a clear vision in the front of them to see the possibility for the career growth.

The recruitment and staffing department usually suffers from a high turnover of employees. The manager of the team has to demonstrate a clear vision of the career opportunities in the recruitment and they have to be visible from the job profiles in recruitment and staffing.

The recruitment and staffing job profiles

HR Recruiter Junior Job Profile

The HR Recruiter Junior is the entry level job position in the recruitment and staffing. The job position of the HR Recruiter Junior is about the administrative support to the smooth operation of the department.

The HR Recruiter Junior has the responsibility for the proper job posting of the vacancies, the proper handling of the job applicants and conducting the pre-screening of the job resumes. The HR Recruiter Junior does not make the job interviews, but he or she can be asked to be the participant at the job interviews. The HR Recruiter Junior has to develop the skills of discovering the competencies of the job applicant and it takes time.

The HR Recruiter Junior is asked to monitor the progress of the job interviews and the recruiter provides the feedback to the job applicants. The HR Recruiter is the entry job position and the successful employee is not expected to stay at the job position for more than 18 months.

HR Recruiter Job Profile

The HR Recruiter is a fully functional recruiter and it has to be visible in the job profile. The HR Recruiter Job Profile is about a clear description of the job responsibilities and the performance measures expected from the job position.

As the recruitment and staffing can be successful in the organization, the HR Recruiter cannot spend time with the useless administration and the job profile is about the making the job interviews with the applicants. The HR Recruiter is the independent job position with the full responsibility for the results.

The HR Recruiter does the job interviews with the pre-selected the job applicants and does the recommendations to the managers, which job applicant should be hired. The HR Recruiter does not have to make any additional administration, the job profile of the HR Recruiter is fully focused on conducting the job interviews.

The role of the HR Recruiter is fully about the job interviews, learning new skills and competencies to use the right recruitment sources, discovering the potential in the job applicants and developing the human capital of the organization.

The HR Recruiter is about providing the HR Recruitment Specialists with the feedback and helping the organization to cut the costs of the recruitment and shortening the time to hire.

HR Recruitment Specialist

The HR Recruitment Specialist develops the methodology of the job interviewing in the organization and develops the recruitment process as the organization can hire the new employees quickly.

The HR Recruitment Specialist develops the measures for the recruitment process and monitors the recruitment process smoothly as the recruitment and staffing function can manage its growth.

The Recruitment Specialist is about the proper management of the recruitment IT system and providing the right support to the HR Recruitment Manager.

The job profile of the HR Recruitment Specialist differs among the organizations as it is specifically tighten to systems and recruitment processes, which are really organization specific.

HR Recruitment Manager

The HR Recruitment Manager’s job profile is about the proper management of the function of the recruitment and staffing and the proper distribution of the job vacancies among the members of the recruitment and staffing team.

The Recruitment Manager is fully responsible for the management of the function and bringing the improvements to the recruitment process. The Recruitment Manager has to monitor the process closely, analyzing the recruitment reports from the HR Recruiters and HR Recruitment Specialists.

The Recruitment Manager is responsible for the development of the employees in the recruitment and staffing section.