Recruitment Specialist Job Profile

The recruitment specialist is usually the former HR Recruiter, who does focus on the recruitment process, recruitment sources and channels. The specialist introduces process improvements and keeps the complex system of the recruitment measurement.

The recruitment specialist monitors trends on the job market and analyzes the recruitment data available in the organization. The recruitment process usually generates many useful data, but the data have to analyzed and the recommendation has to be published. It is the role of the recruitment specialist.

The recruitment specialist has to be experienced HR Recruiter. The previous knowledge of the real recruitment process allows finding niches and potential for designing new best practices in the recruitment process.

Job Description of the Recruitment Specialist

Key Objectives of Recruitment Specialist

The recruitment specialist is responsible for the monitoring and improvement of the recruitment process in the organization. The specialist evaluates different recruitment channels and sources and their performance for particular job positions.

The recruitment specialist investigates opportunities for the introduction of new recruitment vendors, monitors expenditures per vendor and the job vacancy. The specialist recommends best performing recruitment agencies and channels to be used. The optimization of the recruitment budget is another focus. For more reference about Recruitment Specialist responsibilities see Recruitment Goals and Objectives.

The specialist should introduce the lean recruitment process, which eliminates most recruitment process steps.

Key Responsibilities of Recruitment Specialist

  • Analyzes the recruitment process performance, prepares the recruitment dashboards, presents dashboards, recommends changes to the recruitment process and implements changes
  • Analyzes the performance of recruitment agencies, the cost per hire, time to hire and recommends changes and improvements
  • Tracks the list of the recruitment agencies and their terms and conditions; introduces standardized terms and conditions for the recruitment vendors if possible
  • Analyzes the recruitment software and recommends and implements changes to it
  • Measures the performance of HR Recruiters and provides feedback to them
  • Identifies difficult job vacancies and investigates the best recruitment approach for them
  • Analyzes the recruitment software and implements changes and improvements
  • Keeps the documentation of the recruitment process up to date
  • Trains new HR Recruiters (induction program)

Key Skills

  • Recruitment and Job Interviewing Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Process Improvement Skills
  • Basic Project Management Skills

Career Path

The recruitment specialist can advance the career to the managerial role in the recruitment field. The specialist can continue as the process specialist in other functions in the organization. The specialist can continue as the experienced specialist in a different HR Area.