Social Media Recruitment Specialist Job Profile

Social media recruitment is the modern way of discovering and attracting key talents in different niches. The niches cannot be discovered by using the traditional recruitment approaches, but the social media communication has to be used. The social media recruitment specialist is an expert in the field of the online communication and understands the differences of the social recruitment.

The social media recruiter builds network and becomes the member of specialized web social media groups. The recruiter influences groups and get interesting and useful feedback from group members.

The social media recruiter usually makes no job interviews. The social recruiter helps other to discover niches and communicates job vacancies of the organization. The social recruiter is usually very expensive resource to be used for job interviewing.

Social Media Recruiter Job Description

Key Objectives of Social Media Recruiter

The social media recruiter explores the social media and builds strong supporting network to communicate specialized job vacancies into right niches present in online media. The recruiter discovers the discussions topics and enriches the communication and discussions in groups.

The social recruiter builds the strong online presence of the organization and gains the positive feeling about the approach of the organization. The recruiter follows the business strategy, HR Strategy and the recruitment strategy. Additionally, the recruiter creates special comprehensive social media strategy, which is aligned with the marketing communication of the company.

The social media recruiter builds the competitive advantage of the organization in important online niches and increases the probability of hiring key job positions using the social media recruitment.

Key Responsibilities of Social Media Recruiter

  • Creates the social media recruitment strategy, which is aligned with the marketing and HR communication
  • Explores important recruitment niches
  • Finds important communication and discussions topics to increase the online presence of the organization
  • Engages the organization into the social media communication
  • Builds the strong internal network of contributors into discussions aligned with the social media strategy
  • Facilitates HR Recruiters in posting right job vacancies
  • Measures the social media performance in the recruitment area
  • Manages dedicated budget for the social media communication

Key Skills

  • Social Media Knowledge
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Networking Skills (internal and external)
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Training Skills

Career Path

The social media recruiter usually continues the career in the social media department or the Marketing Department.