HR Recruiter Job Profile

The HR Recruiter is a key role in the recruitment and staffing process. The recruiter is fully responsible for the outcomes of the recruitment process in the organization. The key results areas of the job positions are: timeliness of hiring, quality of delivered candidates and reasonable costs of the hiring process. Additionally, the HR Recruiter should be engaged in the company wide projects focused on HR Marketing.

Several levels of the HR Recruiter job position usually exist. The recruiter can be the entry level job position in Human Resources. The recruiter has the possibility to recognize the entire organization by meeting managers and helping them hire a new employee. On the other hand, the recruiter can be extremely skilled and job interviewing can be just a small proportion of the working time. The rest can be spent on different projects and process improvements. For the reference, read Recruitment Definition.

General HR Recruiter Job Description

Key Objectives of HR Recruiter

The recruiter runs the recruitment process, hires new employees as required by line managers and introduces process improvements. The recruiter has to accomplish the defined recruitment cycle time, consistent quality of job applicants and has to keep the recruitment costs with the budget.

The HR Recruiter is responsible for the execution of the recruitment process, including the internal recruitment process. The goal for the placement of internal job applicant can be set to strengthen the focus on internal pools.

The recruiter builds networks across industries to build the strong network of cooperating contacts, agencies and ex-employees.

Key Responsibilities of HR Recruiter

  • Reaching the defined targets for hiring of different job families (time, costs, quality)
  • Full execution of the recruitment process (including job posting, phone interviewing, job interviewing, regular communication with candidates and managers) including the recruitment administration
  • Administers job interviewing schedules for all job vacancies (and keeps promises done to job applicants)
  • Manages posting of job vacancies at the best performing recruitment channels (responsiveness, quality and costs)
  • Develops pool of internal and external talents
  • Cooperates closely with the Career Development specialist as internal talents are promoted
  • Explores the new recruitment channels and gives recommendations to the Recruitment Manager
  • Execution of the recruitment social media communication, ruled by approved Marketing and HR Marketing principles
  • Monitors the job market and prepares analyses and summaries of the main job market movements
  • Preparation of the yearly recruitment plan and the budget
  • Reports the progress on assigned job vacancies on the regular basis, communicates early warnings and provide the regular feedback about the performance of the recruitment process

Required Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Interviewing Skills (job interviewing certificate)
  • Basic Analytical Skills
  • Attention to Details
  • Administration Skills

Career Path for HR Recruiter

The HR Recruiter can continue as the Recruitment Manager or can choose the other specialized job positions in HR function (junior HR Business Partner, Career Development Specialist, etc)