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People are the most critical asset. We value our employees. We pay fair salaries. How many times have you heard these sentences? You can read this over and over. Most CEOs express them in articles and relevant messages to employees. However, most businesses do not follow this claim, when they have to make a tough decision.

They usually put employees last, because they focus on managing profits, cash flows and processes. There are certain moments in the life of the business when employees and customers are quickly forgotten. In such moments, leaders and managers suppose that employees will adjust and catch the tempo.

The HRM Handbook is a website to change the view, and allow everyone to get familiar with the basics and best practices in Human Resources Management. You can build a highly profitable business if you change your behavior and approach to employees.

The western civilization is under substantial competitive pressure. Other countries are developing quickly, and we can lose our advantages. The only difference is our approach to freedom and doing business. In reality, the only sustainable competitive advantage comes from Human Resources, because just employees are the single resource your competitors cannot copy.

Human Resources: What is it about? What are the key responsibilities of Human Resources?
Human Resources: What is it about? What are the key responsibilities of Human Resources?

Competitors cannot buy your employees if they are engaged and emotionally linked with the organization. Supporting creativity, building strong employee engagement and implementing the winning culture is the best way how to beat global competitors.

Human Resources is the function that leads the development of the appealing employer value proposition. It is the most critical mission for any HR Manager. Building the unique face and culture of the company is an essential success factor. In the past, we usually called it corporate culture. Today, it is a necessary component of the sustainable competitive advantage.

Working in Human Resources today is exciting. It has become one of the most vibrant business functions.

A few years ago, the HR Organization was a paper form filling department. Nothing strategic was coming out of it. Oh, it has changed so dramatically. It is a not a pure service provider anymore. It has changed its role to a true strategic business partner.

Still, this magic has not happened everywhere. However, many western companies run great HR functions, and they design HR best practices. Their leaders recognize how productivity improved, and profits are skyrocketing. The Human Resources function delivers.

HRM Handbook: Structure and Target Groups

The HRM Handbook has three different target groups:

  • HR Management students and fresh graduates;
  • HR Centers of Excellence Specialists willing to deepen the expertise in HR Management (also as the inspiration for HR Managers and Generalists);
  • small business owners ready to introduce selected HRM processes and procedures.

Why these target groups? Our target groups usually do not receive sufficient results. They typically search for the best practice in the area, or they look for the basic principles of the process. However, most HR Management professionals cover highly professional topics, but they do not go back to the basics of Human Resources Management.

Target Groups of HRM Handbook. Who should be interested in reading articles about Human Resources Management.
Target Groups of HRM Handbook. Who should be interested in reading articles about Human Resources Management.

By providing a right balance between fundamental principles of Human Resources Management and HR Best Practices we believe that we can serve the HR community best.

Start Small and Grow Big

No one enters Human Resources as an experienced professional. We usually forget that we were once freshmen in Human Resources, as well. We had to learn all the basics before we enjoyed the promotion to the first specialized HR role.

We had to gain much knowledge; we had to experience several crises that are the best learning opportunities in the business. In a tough moment, you take risks, make brave and bold decisions. Also, from the HR perspective, you learn on the job in those awkward moments.

Being focused on different target groups is our critical competitive advantage. Most Human Resources Management sites do not cover the basics of the function, but you cannot function well without understanding all the underlying principles of people management.

We aim to provide you, gradually over time, with the opportunity to become aware of the vital HR Management principles. You will learn how to run advanced HR processes and procedures. You will learn how to organize your HR team to deliver on promises. You will become an expert who knows how to structure goals and objectives for the department.

Small Business Owners learning Human Resources Management

As a small business owner, you are an expert in your industry. You know how to make the business profitable and how to build a healthy and robust cash flow. However, as the company grows, you need to employ a selection of HR processes and procedures. You want to retain your employees.

As the SME owner or leader, you do not introduce a complete range of HR processes and procedures. You can choose the most important ones like:

You should always keep your approach as simple and straightforward as possible. You should elaborate difficult and complex processes that nobody will follow. Your primary focus is not HR Management; it is serving your clients and keeping cash flow steady and healthy.

The HRM Handbook maps the best practices in Human Resources Management. It describes them so that we can inspire and learn from others. None is transferable without any adjustments. On the other hand, we can design an even better policy or procedure.

HRM Handbook: Gradual Growth and Best Practices

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What is next?

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