HR Training Administrator Job Profile

The training administrator is the entry level job position in the training department. The administrator is fully responsible for the scheduling, ordering and tracking of all training courses organized in the company. The training administrator runs the system of registrations and helps nominated employees.

The training administrator is not unskilled employee. The administrator has to be an expert in invoicing and the communication with employees. Employees have many issues with training nominations and registrations.

Job Description of the Training Administrator

Role Summary of the Training Administrator

The administrator runs the daily operation of the training department. The administrator communicates with the internal and external vendors, register employees to trainings, runs the internal billing system and approves invoices issued by the training vendors.

The training administrator deals with the feedback provided by participants and trainers. The administrator informs managers and the external vendor about the results. The administrator follows the provided feedback with the vendor as potential improvements are implemented.

Key Responsibilities

  • Administers training nominations, training registration and training logistics
  • Cooperates with external vendors
  • Manages the training logistics (booking of hotels, training rooms, sending information to participants, billing information, etc)
  • Process invoices and checks the invoices against orders
  • Solves issues and problems

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Administration Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Ability to work under the pressure
  • Time Management Skills

Career Path

The training administrator is the entry level job position in the training function. The smart administrator usually continues as the training specialist.