HR Administrator Job Profile

The HR Administrator takes care about the HR data. The HR Administrator is a key skilled role in the HR Back Office. The administrator does all required data entry, updates of personnel files and prepares the required documentation for managers and employees.

The HR Administration is the area, which needs experienced and skilled administrators. The juniors in the team have to work under a close supervision of the HR Administration Team Leader or the HR Back Office Manager. The HR Administrator has to be skilled in the labor law and the internal policies, as the document not compliant with the regulatory framework cannot be issued.

The administrators contribute to the development of the HRIS, as they are the main users of the system. They constantly work on the improvement of the back office processes and they find opportunities for cost cutting in the non-value-added processes.

The HR Administrator is the owner of the HR data. The administrator owns the data in the system and has the full responsibility for the updates and changes of all data, which are inputted in Human Resources.

Job Description of HR Administrator

Role Summary of HR Administrator

The HR Administrator feeds the HRIS with data about employees, changes data, updates data and run the mass HR administration processes.

The HR Administrator is responsible for the compliance of all the personnel documentation with the regulatory framework (law, internal procedures, internal policies).

Key Responsibilities of HR Administrator

  • Enters data about new hires to HRIS and prints all documentation for the employee and the personnel files
  • Communicates with employees about their documentation and answers specific questions of employees
  • Takes the specialty in a specific area of the HR Administration
  • Supports HR Projects and Initiatives
  • Runs basic and standardized HR Reports
  • Communicates with the state authorities

Key Skills of HR Administrator

  • Strong Administration Skills
  • Ability to work under the pressure and tough deadlines
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Literacy

Career Path

Many HR Administrators do not want to advance their career. They can become the junior HR Analysts in Centers of Excellence or they can advance their career as HR Consultants.