HR Front Office Clerk Job Profile

The large organizations require more detailed break down of HR Front Office. They employ HR Business Partners, HR Consultants and HR Front Office Clerks. The clerks are the real juniors, who deal with employee requests. They answer the most common questions of employees. The administration of employees’ requests is the main focus of the HR Clerk. The clerk is a junior, who can be promoted to the HR Consultant role after 2 years of the practice.

The HR Clerk is an excellent starting job position for the fresh graduate. Dealing with employees and their requests is a great on-the-job training and it provides a good overview of different HR Practices and Procedures. The clerk has to get basic HR skills and competencies before the promotion to the position of the HR Consultant.

HR Clerk Job Description

Role Summary

The HR Clerk handles the requests of employees and the required administration tasks associated with employees in the business unit. The clerk deals with employees, answers the common questions and escalates issues to HR Consultants or the HR Business Partner.

The clerk supports the HR Business Partner and HR Consultants. The clerk schedules meetings, takes meeting minutes and arranges job interviews in the business unit. The clerk makes the follow up of different HR activities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Deals with employees from the business and provides guidance and answers to common HR questions
  • Deals with the HR Administration and provides HR Back Office with the requests for the mass administration
  • Checks documents and requests against different HR policies
  • Cooperates on the induction of new employees as they reach the target performance
  • Cooperates complex and difficult administrative tasks in cooperation with the HR Back Office
  • Makes regular checks of employee records to ensure the compliance with the regulatory requirements
  • Gets involved in HR Projects
  • Learns HR Processes and Procedures

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Basic Presentation Skills
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Administration Skills
  • Labor Law Skills

Career Path

The HR Clerk is the junior job position and the employee usually continues as the HR Consultant or the HR Analyst in the Center of Excellence.