Organization Design Specialist Job Profile

The modern and competitive organization has to manage its organizational design. It cannot leave managers build difficult structures of team leaders, junior managers and complex systems of unclear roles and responsibilities. The organization design is the role and responsibility of Human Resources, which defines main principles for the creation of new jobs, organizational structures and changes of the organizational structures.

The organizational design specialist works in the Compensation and Benefits departments and focuses purely on jobs and structures in the organization. The specialist understands the main business processes of the organization and compares jobs with the internal logics of the company. The specialist closely cooperates with other C&B Specialists as all systems are aligned.

Job Description of the Organizational Design Specialist

Role Summary

The OD Specialist designs and maintain the systems and processes for the job creation, job evaluation, organizational structure design and organizational change rules. The specialist design the system for the job grading and evaluation of job positions. The specialist maintains the job matrix of the organization as the internal equity is maintained (or reached).

Key Responsibilities

  • Designs and maintains the methodology for the job creation and the job evaluation
  • Designs and maintains the job matrix of all jobs in the organization
  • Audits the business units as the potential changes of job descriptions are identified
  • Designs and maintains the job evaluation methodology
  • Evaluates new job descriptions and puts them into the job matrix
  • Checks the consistency of job descriptions with internal policies and procedures
  • Facilitates the process of the new job position creation
  • Designs the job creation training for managers and HR Business Partners
  • Cooperates with C&B Specialist on the grading of job positions and assigning the correct optimum salary
  • Designs and maintains the rules for the organizational structure creation
  • Designs and maintains the rules for the span of control in different business units
  • Conducts regular audits of the organizational structure and recommends changes to make the organization more efficient
  • Participates in HR Projects and organization wide projects

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent Analytical Skills
  • Excellent Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Computer Literacy (MS Office, Statistical Tools)

Career Path

The organizational design specialist usually continues as the Compensation and Benefits Specialist or the junior HR Business Partner (due the deep knowledge of the structure of the organization).

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