Contact me and let me know.

Feedback (even the unsolicited kind) is always great. And I mean that very seriously. Sure, it sucks sometimes, but it’s a gift that we can accept or simply reject. Plus, it makes a person happy to know that they’re not just writing to the wall, but sometimes someone wanders onto the site and even feels like letting you know they’ve been there. That it left an impression and it’s worth letting him know about his impression. And that he liked something or vice versa… he didn’t like something and it could have been a little different.

I don’t have a patent on reason, and I’ll be glad for any feedback, praise and suggestions for improvement. I can’t promise to follow everything, of course, but if it makes sense to me, plus it’s not about having to redesign the whole site, I’ll try to reflect that in my next work.

I’ll be happy for comments, additions, useful links and experiences of how things work for you personally so that we can gradually build a site that will be a really useful resource for anyone wanting to make a big difference in HR management.

I don’t want to build any online community out of HRM Handbook, which is why there is no discussion forum. Good old email is offered as the only contact. Since I don’t want tons of spam flooding my inbox (which will happen eventually anyway), here’s a picture of where the contact email is.

Email is the only way how to contact me. As I do not like bots my email is here just as a picture.
Contact me

Really, I’ll look forward to any report. I don’t promise to answer everyone, but I’ll try to write at least a few words. And as always - going to the heart of the matter is great because it saves time.