HR Reporting Specialist Job Profile

The reporting is a basic management tool. Managers and leaders monitor the past performance and they influence trends by making decisions. The modern HR Management is based on the regular reporting of key HR Processes and HR KPIs.

The reporting specialist does not prepare the regular reports, the pure focus of the job position is in the development of automated reports and reporting of complex trends in the organization.

The HR Reporting is a sensitive area. The reporting specialist has the access to personal and sensitive data. The reporting specialist has to aggregate the sensitive data and has to produce the value-added HR reports for HR Business Partners, line managers and top executives of the organization.

Job Description of the HR Reporting Specialist

Role Summary

The HR Reporting Specialist designs, develops and runs value added HR reports. The specialist acts as the expert designing the HR data models. The specialist identify needs and requests of the business and prepares the correct sets of reports.

The reporting specialist identifies measures for main HR strategic initiatives and sets the measurement methodology, which is consistent and comparable with the existing measurement available on the market.

Key Responsibilities

  • Designs and maintains the HR Data Model and ensures that just one source of master data exists for each HR Process
  • Supports other HR Specialists by designing customized reports providing source data
  • Runs the strategic HR reports and comments the most important trends
  • Designs the HR early warning system to catch up unhealthy trends in the organization
  • Runs regular audits over HR data and reports issues to be corrected
  • Designs the HR data privacy policy and sets rules for the data access to different HRIS modules
  • Participates in various HR Projects and delivers the source data for the analysis in the project team
  • Designs training courses for HR Administrators regarding basic rules for the data entry and data maintenance in Human Resources
  • Cooperates with specialists from other departments as HR data are connected with the data from the rest of the organization

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent Analytical Skills
  • Strong Presentation Skills
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Excellent Data Management Skills
  • Strong SQL Skills (or other data mining language)
  • Ability to work under pressure

Career Path

The HR Reporting specialist usually continues as the Compensation and Benefits Specialist. The specialist can also become the successful HR Project Manager or can make a step into a different department like Finance or Information Technologies.