HR Back Office Manager Job Profile

The HR Back Office needs a highly specialized manager. The manager has to be skilled in the labor regulation, all internal processes and procedures related to Human Resources and has to be able to manage the team of HR Back Office Administrators and Team Leaders.

The regulatory framework and internal procedures changes constantly. The role of the HR BO Manager is in the proper implementation of all changes and finding efficient ways for the daily operation of Human Resources. The manager acts as a strong and respected member of the HR Management Team.

The personnel administration and payroll are sensitive and strictly confidential. Many HR initiatives and projects are strictly confidential, but the necessary paperwork has to be finished before its public launch. The back office manager has the responsibility for the confidentiality issues in the back office area.

The back office manager prepares detailed plan for all HR activities during the year and keeps contingency as HR Administrators are able to process any extra work load.

Job Description of HR Back Office Manager

Role Summary of HR BO Manager

The HR Back Office Manager leads the team of HR BO Administrators and HR BO Team Leaders. The manager represents the Back Office in the HR Management Team. The manager plans the activities of HR Back Office.

The Bo Manager monitors the changes in the legislation and implements changes in the administration processes.

Key Responsibilities of BO Manager

  • Leads and manages the team of HR Admins
  • Develops the successor
  • Plans the activities of the HR Back Office as the team is fully utilized and deadlines are met
  • Implements regulatory changes into HR BO processes
  • Implements the process improvements as the HR Operations gets cheaper and smoother
  • Implements the risk monitoring tools and monitors potential frauds and risks in HR Back Office area
  • Leads specialized HR Projects (mainly focused on HR only)
  • Participates in the organization-wide projects as the valuable team member
  • Coordinates HR BO activities with Centers of Excellence and HR Front Office
  • Implements new HR processes and activities in the close cooperation with HR Front Office and HR Centers of Excellence

Key Skills

  • Strong Administration Skills
  • Excellent Knowledge of the Labor Law and internal procedures and processes
  • Project Management Skills
  • Process Management Skills
  • Management and Leadership Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Time Management and Workforce Utilization Skills

Career Path

The HR BO Manager does not tend to change the job position. It is usually experienced administrator who is able to manage and lead the team of administrators. The BO Manager can become the expert in the Center of Excellence or can manage the Center of Excellence.