HR Strategy Development Process

The HR Strategy is the important document, which sets the way of Human Resources for several following years and HR Management has to focus clearly on the design and development of the HR Strategy as the document is brilliant clear and it motivates the HR employees to work on its implementation.

The HR Strategy development has to be managed strictly and the defined process steps have to be followed as the HR Management Team can keep the evolution of the HR Strategy under a full control as they are finally responsible for a delivered product.

The HR Strategy development process should contain the following steps:

  1. HR Information Gathering – The team has to complete the information about different HR Processes, their performance and their impact on the profitability of the organization. The profitability can be difficult, but the team can always make a good estimate about the impact of the process to the results of the organization.
  2. Organizational Development Information – the information about the development of the organization in the past and its current status. Each organization has several stages in its organizational lifecycle and some trends in the organization are healthy and some trends are extremely dangerous and can impact the future profitability.
  3. HR Workshops – when the input information are gathered the HR Team has to organize the workshops inside Human Resources, where the piece of the new HR Strategy can evolve. The teams should discuss the findings one by one and all the ideas should be gathered as they can impact the overall HR Strategy.
  4. HR Managerial Workshops – the information from the previous HR Workshop with employees should go to the next level and the HR Managers should talk about the trends and the topics, which should be included in the HR Strategy and what is the impact on the whole organization and the HR team. The results of the HR Managerial Workshops have to be recorded and the priorities of different parts of the story have to assigned.
  5. Preparation of the HR Strategy – a dedicated HR sub-team has to prepare the story of the HR Strategy from the approved outcomes from the HR Managerial Workshops. The story has to be strong and appealing for the audience and HR employees.
  6. HR Strategy Feedbacks – the HR Management Team has to present the pre-final version of the HR Strategy to the fellow managers in the organization and their feedback has to be appreciated and fully and honestly discussed with the managers. The same session has to be organized for the HR employees as they can say their feedback to the HR Strategy Story.
  7. HR Strategy approval – the HR Strategy has to be approved by the top management as they are the final customers of Human Resources and they should fully agree with the way, the HR wants to operate in the organization within several years.

The HR Strategy Development is a tough task for the HR Managers and HR Employees as it asks a lot of work from the HR Team. When the HR Strategy is approved and presented to HR employees and managers of the organization, the HR Management Team has to prepare a big celebration party. The Strategic Celebration Party.

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