Right Time to Develop HR Strategy

The HR Strategy is the extremely useful document for Human Resources and HR has to invest time to the development of the HR Strategy, but it cannot be the first document, HR should focus at in some circumstances.

The HR Strategy is a nice to have in some circumstances. When the HR Department does not work properly, it is too early to start developing the HR Strategy as the internal customers have different expectations from the department. They suppose the HR Department to support their operation, they do not expect any HR Processes with the value added to the internal customers.

The HR Strategy can be developed in the situation, when the basic HR Processes like Payroll and Personnel Administration work perfectly. The HR Strategy is a value added document, but the basic processes have to be in place and the employees have to receive their salaries and the documentation has to be complete.

When the basic HR Processes are not working perfectly, the HR Management team has to focus on improving the basic processes and when the processes are stabilized, it can continue to different HR areas to promote other HR services.

The other sensitive HR Process is the recruitment and when the organization is not able to recruit the new hires externally quickly and efficiently, it has to focus on repairing the broken recruitment and staffing process before it can continue on designing the HR Strategy.

The internal customers take the HR Strategy as the internal HR document without any immediate benefit for them and HR has to respect this, when it decides about the HR Strategy development.

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