Useful Sources for HR Strategy Development

The HR Strategy has to be developed using several sources as the document is connected with the existing reality. The connections to the reality are important as the employees believe, they will be able to implement such HR Strategy.

The most useful source of information for the HR Strategy development is the analysis of the internal HR practice in the organization. The HR employees have to analyze their jobs, they have to find all the gaps and they have to identify all the potential processes to be improved.

The other useful source of the information are the workshops among the HR employees, when they have a chance to influence each other and they can enrich the ideas of the others. It is extremely useful as the employees tend not to tell the idea to the others, when it is not in the area of their responsibility.

The employees are extremely useful for the development of the new HR Strategy, but it is not enough. Their ideas are not innovative enough and the HR Strategy is about a constant innovation in the daily agendas of Human Resources.

The HR Managers have to look for the external best practice, which can influence the HR Strategy. The external HR practice is extremely important as the HR teams follows the best practice and it can choose the area of the HR excellence, which will be used as the HR competitive advantage for the hiring and retention processes.

The other excellent source of the information for the development of the HR Strategy are the job applicants, who were hired recently. They can speak about the HR practice at previous employers and they can influence positively the approach of Human Resources towards employees. They can warn Human Resources about the bad habits in other organization and the positive approach can be implemented in the new HR Strategy.

The managers have to be the source of the information for the new HR Strategy as they are users of the HR Policies and HR services. They understand the HR Policies and they feel the areas for the improvement. They can be extremely useful, when they are asked to provide the honest feedback and to add the priorities to their wishes. Let’s not forget that all this plays important role in strategic planning.

The external HR Consulting Company can be used as the source of the information as the HR Consultants see many HR Practices and they can evaluate different HR approaches in different companies. They can easily generalize the experience and they can help the HR Management Team to bring the best HR Practice.

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