Updating HR Strategy

The HR Strategy has to be updated on the regular basis. The HR Strategy has to be a living document as HR Manager has to return the HR Strategy on the regular basis and they have to check and monitor the progress of the implementation and they have to add new ideas to the HR Strategy and they have to cancel the initiatives, which are no longer needed.

The HR Strategy has to have some milestones included, when the HR Team returns to the written HR Strategy and prepares the necessary update and celebrates the implementation progress. As the HR Strategy is a document for several years, it is the basic need to return to it on a regular basis as the internal clients can remember some important details from the HR Strategy and they ask about the progress of the implementation.

The HR Strategy has to be updated as it is fully compliant with the reality inside the organization and the external market. The HR Strategy can show the organization of the future, but the HR Strategy has to be sustainable and achievable. The HR Strategy does not describe the organization, which does not exist. The HR Strategy has to reflect the changes on the market and inside the organization.

Generally, the main principles of the HR Strategy have to be stable as the HR Strategy keeps the main drivers, but the minor changes can be done at least twice a year. Sometimes, the HR Strategy has to be updated as a major piece of the HR Strategy is implemented.

The HR Strategy shows the final vision of the organization, but it is not never finished. The HR Strategy just provides the summary of successfully implemented parts and it demonstrates the possibilities of the next steps.

The HR Management team has to include the regular update of the HR Strategy into its regular HR Calendar as the HR Strategy tends to be forgotten without the regular updates. The HR Strategy is too important to be forgotten.

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