Most Common HR Strategy Content and Target Areas

The HR Strategy is a document with the living story. The HR Strategy is not a document with a lot of numbers, but it is a story for the a manager and a employee. It is a story about the organization in 5 years and the life of the manager and the employee and how they will love the organization. The HR Strategy is not a document of KPIs to be achieved in several years. But the managers and employees expect, they will find some content in the HR Strategy.

Each HR Strategy should summarize the current situation. It should use the HR SWOT Analysis to show the strengths of the HR Processes in the organization and the weaknesses as the audience can draw the picture of the HR Function in the organization. As usually, the description of the current status of Human Resources in the organization should be positive as the audience does not think, Human Resources is really a bad function in the organization, which does not need to have a new HR Strategy, but it has to be changed completely.

The HR SWOT Analysis shows the other part – the opportunities, which is the area, where the HR Strategy should primarily focus. The managers and employees expect Human Resources to stay strong in the areas, which build the HR competitive advantage and to become strong in the areas, which are seen as the main opportunities.

The HR Strategy should be divided into several section after the summary of the current status. HR has to present the way, how to reach the defined targets. The HR Strategy has to show, how the final status and the final vision of Human Resources in the organization will be reached and within a defined timeframe.

The HR Strategy should include the implementation paths and milestones for the main activities as the internal clients can make their own check of the HR Strategy Implementation. They have to trust in the implementation plan and it has to be fully realistic and the outcomes from the milestone should be described as they can provide some benefits to the audience.

Finally, HR Strategy content is also having something extra for the internal clients as they can get more than they expected. The HR Strategy should define new areas of the HR Competitive Advantage as it can be communicated to employees and managers to keep them motivated to work for the organization.

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