Who are Key Customers of HR Strategy?

The HR Strategy is a document for HR employees and it acts as a basis for setting the yearly goals and for setting the balanced scorecard in bigger organizations. The HR Strategy has more clients than just the employees of Human Resources.

Human Resources has to use the HR Strategy as the HR Marketing tool for the potential job applicants. The HR Strategy is usually a very attractive document showing the interesting ideas and the new hires like it. They usually change the job as they are bored by the current job and they need to change something in their lives. The HR Strategy can be used as a nice promotion of the organization.

The job applicants are extremely important for the spread of the good name of the organization and it is usually a part of the HR Strategy. Not all the job applicants are hired, but they can spread the polite and fair approach of the organization towards them during the recruitment process.

The managers are another target group of the HR Strategy. The managers have to train and develop their managerial skills and they have to develop their leadership skills. When they know and understand the HR Strategy, they are able to understand the necessary steps they have to do in their own career development.

The employees are a different target group. The HR Strategy cannot be focused just on the management and the organizational efficiency. The employees are a very important target group. The HR Strategy should bring the major improvements for the life of employees in the organization.

The HR Strategy provides many benefits and advantages to the HR team and the HR managers should not miss a chance to promote Human Resources and to demonstrate the willingness to improve the services provided by HR.

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