Organizational Change

The organizational change is a change of the organization with the goal to increase the efficiency of management, streamline processes or cut costs. Generally, sometimes organizations make changes, which do not accomplish the goal as they are not planned or executed properly.

Organizational changes have their purpose, the owner of the organizational change and when the organizational change is huge, it has to be expressed and described clearly to the whole organization. The organizational change is a stressful moment in the life of the organization as the employees lose their connection to other members and they have to build new ones.

The top levels of the management usually provoke the organizational change as they feel discomfort with the information flow, span of control or they feel the dissatisfaction of employees in individual units of the organization. The next big reason for the organizational change is the huge change in the outside world and the organization feels danger from the competitors on the market.

The organizational change is felt as the danger for the comfort of the employees and it can bring huge emotions to the organization. On the other hand, the discomfort of the employees can bring higher motivation and performance, but the impact is very limited and short term.

The organizational change has to be well prepared and the organization cannot make organizational changes to often as the impact and positive effect can be limited and the employees do not take any other organizational change as the opportunity, but they feel the organizational change as the managerial game.

The organizational change and the change management are common topics for the managerial studies as the successfully conducted organizational change is a good managerial practice and a good best practice to show.