Setting Organization Architecture Priorities

The HR Business Partner has to set the priorities on the basis of the organizational diagnosis. The organizational diagnosis can identify the HR Processes, which needs attention as the HR service level can be increased quickly. The organizational diagnosis helps to set the priorities in the HR area as the internal client feels the improvement quickly and with the biggest impact on the area managed.

The HR Business Partner has to evaluate the potential changes against two critical questions:

  1. The questions about the influence – Will this change add the value to the customer? Is it connected with the strategy? Is it integrated with other initiatives?
  2. The questions about feasibility – Is it possible to implement the change within a reasonable timeframe? Do I have the resources to implement the change?

When the HR Business Partner has the right mix of the initiatives based on the influence and feasibility, the HR Business Partner can follow with setting the priorities. Today, we have a lot of ideas, but we have no resources to implement them. We have to pick the ones with the highest benefits. That builds the difference among companies, as not all companies will select the same initiative.

The analysis of the potential initiatives will help the HR Business Partner to deepen the HR Business Partnering concept as the internal client will feel, the solutions and proposal are fully customized and they are specifically focused on the issues at the internal client’s department.