Equal Opportunities

Human Resources is a guard of the corporate culture, the law in the labor area and the equal opportunities in the organization. The equal opportunities are not about the measures of number of women in the top management, it is about the real approach of the organization towards its different groups of employees. Many times, the women do not want to be promoted to the top management, they just want to be respected and they want to get the understanding from the employer for their different needs and their different approach to solving the issues and problems.

The equal opportunities and are about the equal approach towards employees and finding the reasons before judging. Many managers tend to discriminate the women with small children as they are worried about the performance of the team, but in reality, they can easily make a deal with the team.

The team usually tends to find the strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members and they can easily balance their weaknesses with the strengths. The role of the manager is to be a open-minded manager, who can understand the basic needs of the individual team members.

The equal opportunities policy is not about a written policy in general, it is about a constant work with the managers as they understand the basic principles of the equal opportunities approach and they can implement it into their decision process. The managers tend to decide the issues a simple way, but the life is more difficult.

They need to understand the emotions of employees and they have to trust their teams, when they have to make a personal decision. They should consult the team, when they feel uncertain. The team can come with the solution, which is unique and it is fully aligned with the equal opportunities policy without any compromises. And – the team can feel their personal commitment as they made a decision not to make things simpler.

The managers have to respect the different set of the personal values of the individual members of the team and they have to teach the members of the team to act the same way. The equal opportunities are not about written policies, it is about the mindset in the heads of the employees. The respect to the equal opportunities cannot be decided by the top management, it has to grown from the individual employees and leading of managers to respect it.