HR Role in Globalization

The globalization is a trend of the last 20 years. The organizations become multinational, and they are present in many countries in the world. The globalization is not just about moving labor-intensive processes to countries with the cheaper workforce. The globalization is about making the highly innovative organizations global paying the same salaries around the Globe. The role of Human Resources is mainly in driving the common corporate culture all around the World.

Human Resources is the department which leads the development and upgrade of the corporate culture. The common corporate culture is crucial for the global organization. The organization cannot act the same way around the Globe when the corporate culture is different. On the other hand, the development of the common corporate culture is difficult. The nations are different. The HR Role is to set up the international team, which develops the unified corporate culture and corporate values.

The role of Human Resources is in setting the essential training courses for managers. HR has to push managers to apply for the courses. They have to understand roots of the common corporate culture and how they are expected to behave globally. The employees and managers have to communicate globally with colleagues around the Globe. The unified way of communication, the approach to problem solving and identification with the organization make global decisions easier.

HR should be the first global function. It has to introduce the globally managed HR processes focused on the development of the global talents and bringing the unified approach. The performance management and the talent management are usually the first globally managed HR processes. The unified and globally managed performance management process helps to manage the performance of individual businesses in countries and helps to identify the future global leaders for the organization.

The global Human Resources is able to identify best talents in the organization, and move talents to different countries. It is not easy to introduce the global mobility, but the global organization needs global managers, who are able to run difficult projects over continents. The identification of global leaders needs a strong global Human Resources. The HR Professionals have to be trained in global policies, and they have to be managed from different Centers of Excellence around the Globe.

The globalization demands new skills and competencies. Managers have to think globally, and they have to find advantages for the organization on the global basis. They have to be able to negotiate with partners from a different cultural background. HR has to adapt its processes, procedures, policies and training to ease the life of managers into the global world of the organization.

The role of HR is to help the organization to become the real global organization. HR has to identify leaders. It has to look for opportunities to move different processes around the Globe as the organization is more competitive than the other participants on the market.