Business Partnering as HR Role

Human Resources is a valuable business function. It has to act as the strategic business partner in the organization. The role of the strategic business partner is in challenging partners to deliver better results. The responsibility of the business partner is in leading initiatives to bring results. The top managers are responsible for the hard numbers. HR is responsible for the people development plan in functions and coordinating the organization wide initiatives.

HR cannot act as the internal consultant. It has to become responsible for initiatives with a huge impact on the profitability of the organization (like the fluctuation management for all managers). Being the HR Business Partner is about the responsibility of Human Resources. It is about sticking to essential HR Roles.

The concept of the business partnership requires a different profile of HR employees. HR employees have not had any business acumen in the past. They were focused on providing excellent internal services to their customers. The business partnership is a relationship with the business focus. The change is necessary for the development and recognition of Human Resources.

Human Resources as a Strategic Partner for Managers and Leaders
Human Resources as a Strategic Partner for Managers and Leaders

The business partnership concept changes the priorities of Human Resources. The specialists in the department have to focus on development of HR tools, which improves the performance and stability of the organization. They cannot focus on tools fixing current problems; they have to focus on solutions improving the position of the organization.

The HR Specialists in Center of Excellence have to design the HR reporting with the value added provided in all reports. The HR Business Partner cannot just bring numbers. HR has to provide the interpretation of numbers; it has to compare results with HR Benchmarks available on the market. HR has to propose initiatives and projects to improve key areas.

The role of the HR Business Partner is not in pure consulting issues. The HR Business Partner has to be fully involved in the preparation of all plans and goals at the client’s side. The HR Business Partner has to take full responsibility and lead for the agreed goals and initiatives in the people management. It does not mean that HR is responsible for all the goals in the HR area. The business partner is responsible for leadership in the area and coordinating managers.

The role of the HR Business Partner is not an easy task. The HR Business Partner should have the previous experience in the business function and should be an expert in the area of Human Resources. It is a difficult combination of skills and competencies to find on the job market. Most HR Functions in modern organizations have to organize specific courses for young graduates. It is the role of HR as a business partner. It has to be focused on the talent development. It has to prepare courses for HR and other business functions, as well.

The role of HR Business Partner is in finding opportunities on the market. The business partner is able to find attractive sources of talents for the business. The business partner is able to find the best practices which can serve as a basis for innovations in business functions.

HR changes a lot to be a fully supportive business partner. The role is not just about the seat on the management board. It is about a complete change of the HR behavior. It has to stop providing consulting on a daily basis. It has to take the full responsibility for initiatives and decisions.