Template for a New Recruitment Strategy Design

The recruitment strategy template is not a acceptable way to start designing the recruitment strategy. The template navigates the team to find the discovered. The team should find the original way of finding the unique recruitment way.

The recruitment strategy template limits the creativity. On the other hand, it is useful to keep the content guidelines during the development of the recruitment strategy.

The template is not useful, but the standardized approach for the recruitment strategy development is useful. HR has to facilitate the process, and the team has to brainstorm the potential solutions. The recruitment strategy is a basis for building the competitive advantage. The advantage is always unique. The strategy has to be unique, as well.

The recruitment strategy should follow the recommended standard structure. It helps the team to keep the focus and the final strategy covers all needs of Human Resources. It is dangerous to have the strategy, which is not complex. When Human Resources starts to fill gaps, it is always about long discussions with line managers. The strategy has to be as complex as possible.

The recommended structure of the Recruitment Strategy is:

  • Background summary
  • Market Challenges
  • Internal Recruitment Processes Challenges
  • Definition of the Recruitment Competitive Advantage
  • Future Recruitment Position Definition
  • Recruitment Sources to be Used
  • Key Job Positions Recruitment
  • Recruitment Brand Promotion Techniques
  • Final Summary

Recruitment Strategy Template Content

The summary of the current situation

Each strategy should start with the brief summary of the current situation. The team has to spend its time into the development of the trustful Recruitment SWOT Analysis. It helps to identify the strength of the company, and it identifies the weaknesses of the recruitment process. It is necessary to involve the line management, new hires, HR specialists and recruitment specialists. The management always tends to see the company as the best employer. The new hires can set a real mirror to the line management.

The current situation summary identifies the challenges and gaps in the recruitment process. The team has to set the basis for the development of the recruitment processes. The team can identify opportunities for setting the unique position on the job market.

Recruitment Challenges

The recruitment strategy is not a document to confirm the excellent job of Human Resources. The recruitment strategy has to identify the challenges and gaps. Just stretched Human Resources can become the real leader in the management of the human capital in the organization.

The recruitment challenges push Human Resources to improve the recruitment process. The team should identify challenges, and it should set the right way to reach the final goal of the organization.

Future Recruitment Status in the Company

The desired status of the recruitment function in the future is the main purpose of the recruitment strategy. The strategy sets the desired status and sets the way how to get there. The HR recruiters have to elaborate the proposed pathway, and they have to propose changes in the recruitment practices.

Managers define the future status of the organization on the job market. The managerial practice is visible to job candidates. The job candidate can be extremely motivated after the job interview with Human Resources. The motivation can be lost after a discussion with the manager. The recruitment strategy has to respect wishes, ideas and proposals of the line management. The line manager does not change quickly. The manager need time to change.

It is always beneficial to use the team as the steering committee to make the implementation check. The recruitment strategy is not a ruling document for Human Resources. It is a document to be used by all managers.