Recruitment Strategy Overview

The recruitment strategy is a document describing the target position on the job market and the main recruitment sources to be used. The recruitment strategy has to be aligned perfectly with the HR Strategy, and it has to support the strategic goals and initiatives of the organization and Human Resources.

The recruitment strategy defines the main goals for the recruitment process and HR Recruiters have to follow the defined goals as the organization reaches the desired position on the job market. The successful recruitment strategy helps to source the innovative organization with the diverse human resources.

Recruitment Strategy Goals

The company needs its strong brand name on the job market. The organization has to differentiate itself from competitors. The recruitment process has to create the value added for the organization. The recruitment process has to acquire the best talents from the competitors. The recruitment of talents with the innovative approach is difficult.

The company has to create the diverse organization as it utilizes the different ideas to build a better result. These are the goals for the recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Strategy Overview
Recruitment Strategy Overview

The recruitment strategy connects different HR Recruitment tools to build the unique approach of the organization. The organization has to be reliable and visible on the job market as the best talents think of it as the employer of choice (first choice).

The organization has to set the budget for the implementation of the recruitment strategy, and it has to evaluate the results delivered to make the additional changes in the recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Strategy Development

The recruitment strategy is not just pure HR Marketing. The recruitment strategy is about selecting the right recruitment sources for the organization. It is about selecting the right websites to spread the job vacancies. It is about the approach of the organization to the internal recruitment. It is about the approach to different and more flexible job arrangements to support the work/life balance.

The development of the recruitment strategy is teamwork effort, and it cannot be prepared just by Human Resources function. Managers are the users of the recruitment process, and they should help to determine the desired position of the organization on the job market.

Recruitment Strategy Effectiveness and Evaluation

The recruitment strategy cannot be just designed. The good design of the recruitment strategy contains the basic recruitment measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment strategy. HR needs the immediate feedback about the different components in the recruitment strategy as HR can make the steps needed to bring the improvement.

The recruitment process has many opportunities for the measurement, and it can be improved almost on a daily basis. The recruitment strategy should be a part of the daily improvement process. The small improvements help to build the competitive advantage.