Defining Recruitment Software Requirements

The modern recruitment process cannot be managed manually. The recruitment software is the absolute need of the modern company. The recruitment software helps not to miss the job candidates, and it measures the key recruitment measures and key result areas of the recruitment process.

The recruitment strategy defines the core requirement of the recruitment specialists to be managed and monitored by the recruitment software. It should not be the software vendor, who defines the recruitment strategy of the organization. The recruitment strategy has to specify the flexible parameters as the organization can change the recruitment process in the future without loss of the collected data.

Recruitment Software in Recruitment Strategy

The recruitment strategy should define the basic requirements. The state-of-the-art recruitment has to be supported by the innovative recruitment software. The HR Recruiters should not waste their expensive time entering the job vacancies and keeping job resume flowing around the company.

The recruitment strategy defines the main recruitment sources, the methodology of the recruitment and the recruitment style. The recruitment sources should be fully supported by the recruitment software. The recruitment specialists have to define the key recruitment process steps to be supported by the recruitment software.

The recruitment strategy should define the status of the recruitment software within several years. The vendor can prepare the budget as the software is adapted to the requirements of the organization.

Basic requirements for the recruitment software in the recruitment strategy

The software has to support the recruitment process in the organization. It has to monitor job applicants, and it has to send alerts to managers and HR Recruiters about the milestones in the recruitment process.

The robust recruitment software offers the management of the internal recruitment. The internal recruitment is different from the external one. It is usually the strictly confidential process, which has different roles and responsibilities. The dialogue with managers is different. The robust recruitment software has rules for the internal recruitment.

The modern recruitment software is not just a tracking tool. It provides strong recruitment reporting, and it can be used for forecasting the number of new hires in the future. The recruitment process collects enormous amounts of data about vacancies, recruitment sources, costs of recruitment. The recruitment software has to collect data instantly, and it has to provide the analytical support to make the strategic recruitment decisions.

The recruitment software should handle the communication with the job applicant. It should inform the job applicant about the expected schedule of the job interviewing process. The excellent recruitment software offers the possibility to write the job resume on-line. It offers the possibility to keep it updated for the future purposes.

The job applicant does not have to apply for the job position immediately. The job applicant can register the job resume for consideration, and he or she can set up the automatic robot to apply for the desired job position later.

The software has to define several access rights for HR Recruiters, HR employees and hiring managers. The managers in the organization have to obtain access to the system as the administration of job resumes is swift, sharp and quick. Many HR Recruiters lose time negotiating the schedules of different job interviews.

The recruitment software can maintain the automatic recruitment profiles of the organization on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media websites. Facebook becomes an exceptionally strong recruitment source and recruitment channel in many organizations. They advertise the job vacancy to the company fans, and they have a chance to apply for the job vacancy before the rest of the population can know about it.

The recruitment software has to be modern, and the vendor has to support the software in the future. It is easy to say, but it is extremely hard to fulfill.