Modern Recruitment Sources

The selection of the recruitment sources makes the success of the recruitment process in the company. The process can be excellent; the cooperation can be extremely smooth; the process steps aligned, and clear decision lines can be set. However, the recruitment process cannot exist without the job applicants flowing around the organization. The recruitment sources stuff the recruitment process with people to be interviewed and hired.

What is the modern recruitment source?

The modern recruitment source is the electronic recruitment channel. It started with the web job boards. Today, it is mainly about the LinkedIn (which is an excellent recruitment source for specialized jobs) and Facebook.

The modern recruitment sources allow making the recruitment research of the job market without contacting the specialized recruitment agency. It offers the opportunity to compose the recruitment shortlist without contacting the people directly. They are focused on targeting the right people at the right time. However, they need some effort from the HR Recruiter.

The modern recruitment source allows digging deeply into the job market, and it allows to find the people, who are active in the online communities. It is an enormous advantage. On the other hand, people on LinkedIn are not willing to accept any job offer. Companies and recruitment agencies on a daily basis target some of them.

How to utilize modern recruitment sources?

The modern recruitment sources are the best performing recruitment channels for the specialized jobs. The HR Recruiter has to know the secret of the recruitment using the social web media and has to be able to search and communicate in online communities.

The HR Recruiter needs to be a proactive person in the community. The hiring of the new employee is not about sending the offer to have a job interview to all people in the community. It is about the recruitment dialogue. The potential employee expects the Q&A session. The candidate does not accept the job interview immediately.

The modern recruitment sources like LinkeIn or Facebook are not suitable for the mass recruitment. It would be too time inefficient. The traditional recruitment sources work best for the mass job positions. The straightforward job posting using the corporate website brings better results for the mass job vacancies.