Strategic Planning in Human Resources

The strategic role of HR is about forecasting and planning of difficult HR Projects and initiatives. The planning is focused on the implementation of the business and HR Strategy. The preparation of the strategic plan requires highly skilled and open minded HR professionals. The competition on the job market is tough and each organization has to plan initiatives to protect and attract talents.

The strategic HR planning is about evaluation of workforces and required workforces, skills and competencies required for initiatives planned for the coming years.

The strategic planning links HR activities directly to the business strategy. The strategic HR management implements the strategy using the planning procedures. No organization can implement all initiatives at one go. The implementation of the HR Strategy has to be carefully planned as managers and employees feel no discomfort.

On the other hand, the strategic HR Management has to use the outcomes of the strategic HR planning. Most value added processes are not available from the beginning and HR has to communicate the progress carefully. The HR team has to set and manage expectations.

The strategic plan is a long term project plan focused on the change of the current HR Function into the fully competitive HR Function. It is about crossing huge gaps and the complete redesign of HR Processes. It is about the complete change of the HR mindsets and different sets of skills and competencies. You can find more on the HR Role in Strategic Planning.

The strategic planning changes the role and responsibilities of HR employees. HR was always included in the planning procedure. It was administering data collected from managers. It did not provide any kind of feedback or advice. It was making checks against defined and approved planning rules. The strategic role is different.

The strategic HR planning is derived from the HR Strategy and the business strategy. The proper strategic planning requires a deep knowledge of the organization. HR has to understand the skills of employees and the current organizational structure. HR has to understand the main benefits of competitors on the job market.

HR has to invest time to identify HR issues coming from the business strategy. The strategy requires a strategic and dramatic shift in skills and competencies of employees. HR is responsible for the leadership in the area of the dramatic skills and competencies shift. The strategic planning depends on the proper and regular HR measurement.

The HR Measurement is a crucial basis for the strategic planning in the modern organization. The measurement identifies gaps and trends in the company. HR should report any evolving issue as soon as possible. The organization has to prepare itself. The coming challenge can be overcome easier in case that HR presents the plan and the proposed solution.