Common HR Social Media Topics

HR is the business function interacting with employees, managers, external communities and vendors. HR is a function, which should use the social media to promote its services, products and achievements. Modern HR Function is open and communicates about the internal development frequently. Modern HR Function communicates openly with internal clients and communities, and communicates as much as possible with external, online communities. The organization with the progressive HR Function gains the competitive advantage. The external online communities compare different HR Function. The most open and honest HR can win the attention and can be shown like the positive example. HR has many topics for both internal and external communities. It can communicate about large change management projects, corporate social responsibility, challenging job vacancies and the daily job of Human Resources. HR can choose from many social media topics.

The change management project is always a communication challenge. The change management project builds the barrier of resistance. The social media can help to communicate positive and balanced messages about the progress of changes in the organization. The change management projects are a excellent opportunity for HR social media. These projects affect large populations in the organization. Employees talk about them. The internal social community can grow large, and HR can lead the positive communication.

Each change management project has the communication plan. Creating and keeping alive the online communities should be clearly a part of the modern communication plan. HR can call itself responsible for communication with employees. HR is the Change Agent. Communication is the essential part of this role. The social media are a powerful tool for involving and influencing employees. This social media topic should be the priority number one.

The corporate social responsibility is another excellent topic for the social media. CSR is always a topic between Human Resources, Marketing and Communication. No department wants to lead CSR activities. They consume time, and they are not visible. On the other hand, HR has to play the significant role in the corporate social responsibility projects. Employees and online communities observe companies. They do not like selfish organizations. Each organization should select the community projects which are aligned with the business and HR Strategies. Each organization should help. HR should lead projects to improve available skills and competencies.

CSR topic helps to find attractive niches, and it can bring many followers. HR should always find the educational topic for communication in the social media and it should prepare the regular articles on the topic. Each online community enjoys learning.

The leading HR social media topic is the education. HR should publish engaging learning points for the online community. The online university for students can bring many followers who wait for each message. They want to learn something new about HR Management. HR has always troubles to find talented graduates for the roles of the future HR Professionals. The managed online community can identify talents. HR can support students of HR Management. They can apply for vacancies. It is a fantastic deal.

Many companies use the social media for the recruitment. The recruitment should not be the primary goal for HR. It is extremely difficult to build the active online community by posting just job vacancies. It has no value added for the community. The social media topic is a stream about job interview tips and so on. Posting job vacancies cannot bring enough attention. HR needs a strong social media strategy to build the strong online community. The recruitment works just in strong communities.