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How to design a successful Human Resources Strategy
Designing a successful human resources strategy is critical to the success of any organization. There are a few key steps to follow in order to create a strategy that will work for your business.
What Does Employee Attrition Rate Mean? Definition and How to ...
The attrition rate is the percentage of employees who leave a company within a given time period. High attrition rates can be costly for a company, as they can lead to less productivity and higher staff turnover rates.

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What strategies can organization use to reduce employee turnover? And why they are required?
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Description of individual compensation components and how they motivate employees.
10 Qualities of a Great Leader | 23-01-21
Great leaders have the ability to empower, engage and influence others, provide innovation support, openly communicate, solve problems innovatively and transparently, adapt to changing environments with empathy for those struggling, as well as focus on continuous learning.
Why is Compensation and Benefits a good career opportunity? | 23-01-19
Career in Compensation & Benefits is a great opportunity for the person who wants to drive key HR initiatives, work with people and enjoy work with numbers creating budgets, strategic plans and helping the business to be more competitive and profitable.
How to effectively manage underperforming employees | 23-01-18
Effective performance management begins with identifying that an employee may be underperforming. How to help them improve?
How Performance Management influences Effective Teams | 23-01-17
Team Work is a critical business success factor. How Performance Management System supports team spirit and how to make it as useful as possible.
Why is Performance Management Important | 23-01-16
Performance Management or Performance Evaluations are very important because organizations need to identify what their employees are doing right and what they are doing wrong.
How Performance Management is Killing Performance | 23-01-15
Traditional performance management is not working and has created a toxic work environment where employees feel exhausted and unappreciated
Unlock Your Company’s Potential Through Developing a Strategic Human Resources Plan | 23-01-14
By creating a comprehensive Human Resources plan, complete with clear-cut objectives, detailed action items and measurable outcomes, businesses can unlock their potential by realizing the full value of their human capital
Communication Strategies for Human Resources Management | 23-01-13
Let's discuss how effective communication strategies can help improve employee engagement, increase job satisfaction, reduce misunderstanding and confusion among employees, and ensure successful implementation of policies.