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Why I stopped using Wordpress
Wordpress is a great CMS, but if you want more than just a blog, it comes with its limitations.
Why I have chosen Hugo CMS?
I have tried many CMSes and I really love Hugo CMS. What are the reason to stay with this solution?
About the web and other topics
Důležité informace jako O Webu, Kontakt na Autora, tvůrčí proces a další
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All pages on the HRM Handbook, alphabetically
HR Blog
Short and hopefully apt contributions on current topics in the field of human resources management
About HRM Handbook
What is HRM Handbook and what kind of HR Management Practices it covers.
Pomodoro Technique
The Pomodoro Technique boosts productivity by breaking work into focused 25-min intervals (Pomodoros) with 5-min breaks, promoting time management & concentration.
My Creative Process
What does the process look like that gets a person from dreaming to actually working.
Contact Me
How to contact the HRM Handbook website and provide useful feedback
My Web Development Tools
What am I using to put this site together?
Privacy Policy
How the HRM Handbook works with your privacy. What data it collects and how it works with it.

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Competitive Advantage | 23-03-25
Competitive advantage enables a firm to outperform rivals via cost leadership, differentiation, or focus. It fosters market share growth, profitability, and long-term success.
Induction Training | 23-03-25
Induction training introduces new hires to an organization's culture, policies, and procedures, fostering a smooth transition and enhancing engagement and productivity.
Pay Equity | 23-03-25
Pay equity audits ensure fair compensation by identifying disparities in pay based on gender, race, or other factors, promoting an inclusive work environment.
Annual Bonus | 23-03-23
Annual bonuses can boost motivation, retention & company success, but clarity, fairness, & transparency are key to avoid dissatisfaction & increased turnover.
Profit Sharing Compensation Scheme | 23-03-23
Profit sharing schemes align employee interests with company success, boosting motivation, engagement, and collaboration, while requiring careful implementation.
Skill-Based Pay | 23-03-22
Skill-based pay rewards employees for skills & competencies, fostering growth, adaptability & satisfaction. Despite challenges, it's a valuable modern pay strategy.
Total Rewards Approach | 23-03-22
Total Rewards Approach combines compensation, benefits, work-life balance, career development, and recognition to attract, retain, and engage top talent.
Strategic Compensation | 23-03-22
Strategic compensation is a long-term approach that aligns an organization's compensation practices with its overall business strategy, including attracting and retaining top talent, motivating employees, and achieving business goals. It involves designing a compensation plan that is competitive, fair, and sustainable, while also promoting employee engagement and productivity.
Why do people hate Human Resources? | 23-03-20
People may have a negative perception of Human Resources (HR) departments due to their role in enforcing company policies and procedures, as well as for their involvement in employee layoffs and terminations. HR is also often seen as bureaucratic and disconnected from the frontline workers.
Competency Model | 23-03-19
Competency models outline essential skills, knowledge, and behaviors for success, enhancing talent management, employee development, and organizational performance.