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Talent Management
Strategic Talent Management is the process of identifying, assessing, and developing the skills and abilities of employees in order to optimize their performance within an organization.
Succession Planning
Succession planning is a process that is critical to the success of any business. By planning for the future, you are ensuring that your business will be able to continue operating even if something happens to the current leadership.
Is the Development More than Money?
Managers believe in cash on hand, HR believes in development, so who is right?

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How to build a positive team culture | 22-10-03
Positive team culture is important because it allows for a productive and healthy team environment. When team members feel supported and appreciated, they are more likely to be motivated and collaborative.
Job Leveling | 22-10-03
The purpose of job leveling is to ensure that each employee is working at a level that is appropriate for their skill set and experience.
Non-Analytical Job Evaluation Methods | 22-10-02
Non-analytical job evaluation methods are a system for ranking jobs without using any form of analysis. This can be done through a variety of ways, such as surveys or interviews.
Analytical Job Evaluation Methods | 22-10-02
An analytical job evaluation method is a system that uses analysis to measure the worth of a job. This type of evaluation is used to compare different jobs and to determine how much each one is worth.
How to set successful Pay for Performance Scheme | 22-10-02
A few warm and kind words about me, the author of HRM Handbook
Boss vs Leader | 22-10-01
Differentiate between boss and leader management styles, providing pros and cons for each.
HR Goals and Objectives 2023 | 22-09-30
The goals and objectives of Human Resources are important for any company looking to be successful and have a great Employer Brand. The goals and objectives for 2023 should include maintaining a high level of employee engagement, bringing innovations to the company and reducing turnover.
Organizational culture | 22-09-26
The purpose of organizational culture development is to create a set of shared values, assumptions, and norms that guide the behavior of members of an organization.
Critical Elements for Successful Pay for Performance Model Introduction | 22-09-25
There are 3 critical elements for successful variable scheme - fit, reward right and administration.
Compensation Philosophies | 22-09-25
On the continuum, there are two distinct compensation philosophies. On one end of the continuum is the entitlement mentality; on the other end is performance thinking.