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Strategic Recruitment
Strategic recruitment is crucial for HR professionals to attract top talent, reduce time to fill, and improve retention rates. Learn how to develop effective recruitment and selection strategies, talent sourcing and attraction strategies.
Online Recruiting
A few warm and kind words about me, the author of HRM Handbook
Employee Onboarding Best Practices
What needs to be included in a perfect New Hire Onboarding process and how the entire New Hire Orientation should look like.
Recruitment Marketer
Recruitment Marketer is a specialist to enlarge the reach of job adverts, supports Employer Brand and cultivate company social media.
Agile Talent Acquisition
Agile Talent Acquisition is a flexible and adaptive approach to attracting, hiring, and onboarding new employees that prioritizes speed, efficiency, and a positive candidate experience while continuously improving and empowering employees to participate in the recruitment process.
Recruitment Marketing
Learn how to recruit and market to the right audience. Find out the tools to get started, who to target and much more!
Employee Value Proposition
The employee value proposition (EVP) is a critical part of the hiring process. It's what you offer potential employees that makes them want to work for your company instead of someone else.
Recruitment Process Description
A few warm and kind words about me, the author of HRM Handbook
Recruitment Process Purpose
A few warm and kind words about me, the author of HRM Handbook
Background Check
A background check is a process by which an individual's criminal history is investigated. This can include past convictions, arrests, and civil litigation. Background checks are often used by employers as part of the hiring process.
Background Check Risks
There are a number of risks associated with background checks. One of the biggest risks is that inaccurate information may be included in a background check. This can lead to an individual being unfairly denied
Common Content of Background Check
Most background checks will include information about an individual's criminal history. This can include past convictions, arrests, and civil litigation. Background checks may also include information about an individual's credit history and employment history.
Recruitment Analytics
Recruitment analytics is the process of analyzing recruitment data in order to gain a competitive advantage in the hiring process. By understanding how candidates are finding your company, where they are coming from, and what kind of recruitment methods are working best, you can more efficiently fill open positions.
What is Background Check
A background check is a process by which an individual's criminal history is investigated. This can include past convictions, arrests, and civil litigation.
Recruitment KPIs and Measures
Recruitment KPIs help organizations measure the effectiveness of their recruitment process. By tracking these key metrics, companies can identify areas where they need to improve and make changes that will help them hire the best possible candidates.
Recruitment Roles and Responsibilities
Find out what recruitment roles are, and clarify their responsibilities. Discover why it is important to have a clearly defined job description for each role in the recruitment process.
Internal or External Recruitment
How to make a decision if internal or external hiring procedure should be used
Purpose of Recruitment and Staffing
The purpose of recruitment and staffing is to identify, attract, select, assess, and hire the best-qualified employees.
Recruitment Definition
A brief definition of Recruitment and Staffing
Defining Recruitment Software Requirements
A good Recruitment software is a must for supporting Recruitment Strategy. How to define requirements and choose the right solution?
Incorporating Recruitment Agencies as a Strategic Recruitment Source
Recruitment Agency is an expensive HR service, and they need to be put carefully into a well structured Recruitment Strategy. How?
Finding A Sweet Spot Position on Job Market
Recruitment Strategy has to identify the sweet spot, where it can invest reasonable amount of money to receive enough talents to source vacancies. How?
Recruitment Strategy and Retention of Key Employees
Recruitment Strategy needs to tackle with the retention of newly hired employees as well. Why? How?
Hiring Strategic Job Positions
Filling a strategic vacancy is different. It requires a lot closer monitoring, reporting and interviewing. Why and How?
Why is Recruitment Strategy Important
Why a high performance organization needs an excellent recruitment strategy. Why is it so important?
Gaining Competitive Advantage in Recruitment and Staffing
How to gain and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in Recruitment? Read more.
Developing a New Recruitment Strategy
How to design a new Recruitment Strategy. Where to start, what data to collect and how to create a strategy that flies ... Read more.
Template for a New Recruitment Strategy Design
Recruitment Strategy doesn't have to start with a blank sheet of paper, this template will save you time and focus your efforts in the right direction.
Recruitment and Staffing
Recruitment and staffing are crucial HR functions for sourcing, selecting and hiring the best candidates for job vacancies to support organizational goals.
Recruitment Strategy Overview
Recruitment Strategy sets how Recruitment works in the company, what is the competitive advantage, processes, channels and what are the key KPIs

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